The Raspberry Branch Blog on Investment Accessories

Quirky Miss Stephanie of The Raspberry Branch blog makes the case for accessories as investment fashion. We couldn’t agree more…

As a result of us all having less pennies in our pockets over the past few years, consumer purchasing has changed dramatically and the disposable fashion frame of mind of yesteryear seems to have completely fallen out of favour, with investment fashion now leading the way. Even in these tough financial times we’re still aiming to look our best and accessories have proven to be a simple style solution for updating an old outfit. Learning to accessorise successfully will help you to stay on trend without breaking the bank for this seasons pieces and a way to look at this, is through purchasing investment pieces and looking at the cost per wear strategy. Just as you’d contemplate buying that classic tailored jacket costing a couple of hundred pounds, yet worth every penny when considering the amount of times you’d wear said jacket over several years, why can we not apply this to our accessory collection?

A statement bag, a statement necklace, the most perfect winter stole..

Accessories have become an essential outfit category in their own right, are an extremely important part in current designer collections and represent a way for consumers to add the impact of designer glamour for a limited investment. More than just there to finish an outfit off, todays accessories collections seem to have their own trends, colours, materials and styling details. FromIt bags to the multiple pieces that bring a bland outfit to life. It’s not just designer clothes that the high street are copying, it’s the accessories and shoe collections to go with them! Versatility is one of the key components to investing in your accessory collection. If an item can be worn from day to night, casually or sophisticated, over and over again, transforming each outfit it’s placed with, is it not worth the money you’re parting with, rather than paying a couple of pounds here and there for items you’ll throw away once worn and the seasons change? It’s all about looking at your accessories as a capsule wardrobe of classic and contemporary pieces. Your collection should be based around a classic colour palette, choosing pieces that work well together and against your existing wardrobe, providing you with the basic key pieces that will see you through many seasons. Once established, a capsule accessory collection can be expanded with individual pieces being added or replaced with ease.

There are three things to ask yourself when investing in fashion and in turn your accessories.. Is the item versatile, will it stand the test of time and maybe the most important question of all, has it got head turning power? I’ll leave that to you to decide that…