The New Wrap Dress

Like the classic shift and the sexy sheath the wrap dress is iconic style that everywoman should have in her wardrobe. A wrap dress is flattering, feminine and easy to wear; this simple form flattering style can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes making it a modern classic. Over the decades there have been many different versions of the conventional wrap dress but some designers use traditional wrap-dress shape to create unique, new styles. This approach allows designers to utilise the flattering ‘wrap’ silhouette and tweak it to suit their own aesthetic and vision. One such designer using the ‘wrap’ to create stylish pieces is Katya Wildman. Katya’s brand, Bombshell, is known for producing sensuous figure hugging dresses and, as such, the brand’s designs often feature a ‘wrap’ style shape. It’s very hard to resist Bombshell’s sexy designs and their sarong/wrap style dresses are particularly desirable. As such we thought we’d give you a quick round up of some of our favourites…

This sensuous red dress looks fit for a 1950s screen siren; it combines an enticing red print with a warp dress style profile. This is a dress that was just made for hourglass figures and, these days, very few clothes are. Yet for all its sensual glamour this is a versatile little red dress that could take you from office to bar.

Sticking more closely the tried and tested traditional wrap dress this dress has all the style of the original iconic piece but with a twist. The dress has a concealed zip on the front which allows the wear to bare as much or as little flesh as they like. In essence here is a dress that possesses both the professionalism and free spirited sexiness that everyone remembers from the wrap dresses of the 1970s. Bombshell have just brought the 70s dress up to date and added an extra dose of sensuality.

Wrap dresses aren’t just for daywear, the style’s sexy silhouette works equally as well at night too. Bombshell’s elegant evening dresses, like the brand’s daywear, also draw on the ‘wrap’ shape. This feminine and ladylike little number uses a wrap outline to subtly flatter the female form. Like all of Bombshell’s designs this dress is sexy but here the sexuality is muted and restrained making this a dress fit for even the most sophisticated events.

Hannah Balsdon


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