The Beauty of Scottish Knitwear

Scotland has a long tradition of creating great quality, stylish knitwear; most manufacturing now takes place overseas but there are still a core group of Scottish mills producing luxury knitwear. What is it about Scottish knitwear that makes it so sought after?  Well Scottish knitwear manufacturers are able to draw on their centuries of experience and the expertise of the skilled craftsmen in their employ to create high quality pieces. In addition the water in mill towns such as Hawick is ideal for washing knitted garments as it gives them a super soft finish. This combination of skill, experience and natural resources makes Scottish knitwear utterly irresistible.

Today new brands still manufacture knitwear in the Scottish borders to take advantage of these excellent British producers. One such brand is Pip/James; this contemporary knitwear brand has a laid back aesthetic aimed at young, modern clientele. The brand helps to keep the tradition of Scottish knitwear production alive by manufacturing all its designs in a factory in Hawick.  Pip/James’ knits are a million miles away from dowdy jumpers and cardigans you often think of when you hears the word ‘knitwear’. Instead the brand’s pieces are up to date, casual and easy to wear; these are jumpers to be thrown on atop jeans or even just worn around the house. Coming in both classic blacks and blue as well as bright colours and even stripes Pip/James jumpers would easily fit into a youthful modern wardrobe. The jumpers are made of 100% Merino wool making them soft and comfortable but also easy to care for; Pip/James’ pieces can be machine washed and even tumble dried without losing their shape. In short Pip/James’ use traditional manufacturers to create knits fit for today’s knitwear lover.

With young brands, such as Pip/James, bringing Scottish-made knitwear to a new generation hopefully the Scottish mills will be continue producing high quality garments well into the future.

Hannah Balsdon


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