They say you can tell a woman’s age by her hands so if you’re anything like Miss LF, you’ll take good care of them. The contemporary K West Spa in West London gives ladies a chance to turn back the ‘hands’ of time with a new hour long SOL Luxury Manicure.

Designed as a luxury facial for the hands, the SOL treatment protects the skin from future sun damage, rejuvenates the skin’s natural glow leaving hands feeling silky soft. Beginning with and Avocado Nail Butter massage before being neatly shaped and left to soak in the nail bath.

Then onto a powerful Enzyme Hand Peel to remove dead skin cells with a relaxing hand massage before a skin-repairing Overnight Hand Mask with Panthenol is applied to replenish and moisturise, while your hands are enveloped in a warm towel for ten minutes to encourage penetration of the hand mask, the beautician see’s to your well-being through a head and shoulder massage using pressure points.

SOL SPF15 hand-cream with vitamin C and E is then applied to leave the skin protected and revitalised, then completed with a luxurious manicure using LCN nail polish. Preened to perfection.

But that’s not all, in addition to the Vanity K Nail Bar, the K Spa boasts holistic spa offers with a whole range of exclusive treatments including the ‘Snow Paradise’ which mimics the Finnish experience of alternating between freezing and steamy environments, designed to relax and rid the whole body of dead skin cells to bring out a shiny and new you.

If it’s good enough for Miss LF, we’re all on board!

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Snow Paradise - K Spa

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