It’s a family affair…Sara Berman tells LUX FIX about running her eponymous label with her sister Aimee, and growing up in a household where bad hair days were not an option.

Sara & Aimee Berman

LF. Growing up as the daughters of a designer (Helene Berman), was there a lot of dressing up in your house? Any particular outfits you recall?!

SB. There was always a sense of the importance of appearance. Hair was blow dried and rollered, matching dresses were worn and even as children we were aware of the ‘New Season’.

LF. What character would you give each other now for a fancy dress party?

SB. We both always go as the Horney Little Devil.

LF. Sara, as the oldest, did you have an influence over Aimee’s early style or was it the other way around…

SB. I would say we are both pretty individual in our style and always have been. Amiee is more rock and roll whereas I am more lady like.

LF. Have you both always loved fashion or did you find yourselves considering other paths before becoming designers?

SB. Amiee was always intent on a career in fashion although at first she wanted to be a buyer. When she realised that buying was different to shopping she decided to be a hairdresser. I was never overly keen on fashion and wanted to be a writer or a painter. Not quite sure what happened!

LF. Did you always think you would work together one day in one way or another?

SB. Yes. I was going to paint the hair she dressed!

LF. Okay, first thing that comes to mind (!), there’s a fabulous summer party coming up, what outfit would you each design for the other?

SB. I would design Aimee suede shorts with studs running down the sides, an oversized voile shirt, loads of skull inspired jewellery and wedge heels.

Amiee would design me pleat front peg leg silk pants, a baggy white silk T shirt, stilettos and loads of heavy gold jewellery.

LF. Do you find that with Aimee in LA and you in London your style influences for each season end up being even broader?

SB. Yes. She gets more casual and rock chick and I get more grown up and urban!

LF. Finally, you both have children now – the next generation of Bermans! -are they showing any early signs of the family fashion passion?

SB. Of course! Lulu has no qualms about telling me when she doesn’t like my ‘look’. She herself is aware that she is chic and this is A Good Thing. Raf will wear only 1 of his many, many T shirts and Cyd has a thing for red shoes.

Interview by LUX FIX / Photos courtesy of Sara Berman


What’s your secret tip or recipe for the Christmas season?

SB: Frozen red grapes dipped in dark chocolate and eaten straight from the freezer.

I’m most looking forward to giving my other half/mum/best friend… this Christmas.

SB: Sara Berman burgundy leather gloves for a modern take on Santa Chic.

For a Christmas eve extravaganza, I would want my fairy godmother to bring me the following outfit…

SB: Sara Berman Leopard Emma Envelope clutch to add new glamour to a tried and tested LBD.

I would like to find this vintage piece… under the tree (from any time or place – LUX FIX time machine at your service).

SB: Vintage 1969 Rolls Royce.

Finally Christmas just isn’t Christmas until I hear…

SB: The engines of my BA flight to somewhere hot, sunny and not here revving up.


The Challenge: Take the Sara Berman Studded Stevie bucket bag and style it for a British Summer…

Look One

Look Two

Look Three

Look Four

Look Five

Look Six (Rainy Day!)

Model: Rebecca Dove


Where it all started: Two original design sketches for the Studded Stevie from Spring/Summer 2011…

The Bag

Toggles Detail