What are you inspired by?

The Beach! The Sea! And the Northern Lights, mountain lakes, midnight swims, desert skies, and vintage flea markets.

What are your design signatures?

Clean silhouettes, luxuriously soft fabrics, craftsmanship.  A tendency towards Scandinavian simplicity, combined with South American elegance.


How would you describe the Olga Olsson woman?

She’s a gypsetter – just as happy to set down her bags in a five-star hotel in Mumbai as hang up a hammock in Trinidad.  She’s happiest when stepping off a plane when the heat and sounds and smells of another country hit her.  She appreciates quality, loves design, and prefers unique labels with stories to the big name luxury brands with logos. She knows people the world over – from LA to Stockholm Rio to London Ibiza to New York and Lebanon, and her wardrobe is full of unusual pieces bought from designers she’s discovered on her travels or through friends (or through LUX FIX!)