Many people adore the luxurious feel of fur and glamour it can bring to almost any outfit. But is it really right to wear fur in today’s world? What of the ethical implications? Fortunately Lux-Fix stocked designer Hayley Menzies has found a way for the modern, thinking woman to put fur back into her wardrobe without hurting her conscience. Since launching her label in 2011 Hayley has created range of contemporary scarves and shawls using reclaimed fur and beautiful natural fabrics. Her designs have been featured in Tatler, Vogue and Glamour making her the go to designer for comfortable and luxurious cover ups. Chic, striking and just a little bit decadent, her bohemian creations are constantly evolving to reflect our changing notions of glamour and luxury.

Chelsea Scarf in Ink by Hayley Menzies

Chelsea Ink Scarf by Hayley Menzies

Hayley’s scarves and shawls are all made of beautifully soft cashmere and recycled furs, colourful feathers or wooden beads; the variety of her designs makes them ideal for a range of events. Her light, flowing Chelsea scarf would make a great addition to a summer party outfit, this lightweight shawl sophisticated but casual appearance making it perfect for long cool summer nights. The Eivissa scarf on the other hand has all the charm of a quirky foreign find, just the thing for the free spirited traveller. Both these styles come in a selection of colours from dark blacks and navy blues to ethereal whites and nudes.

Eivissa Cream Scarf by Hayley Menzies

Shawls, scarves and cover ups are often thrown on as an afterthought, as a necessity rather than a sartorial choice, but the use of fur and feathers makes Hayley’s scarves statement pieces in their own right. Her Woodstock scarf bordered by brilliantly coloured feathers is the ultimate style statement, named after the legendary music festival this is one scarf that was practically made for Glastonbury.

Woodstock Scarf by Hayley Menzies

Woodstock Scarf by Hayley Menzies

Whether you are a free spirited bohemian or sophisticated fashion lover Hayley Menzies is one brand you should definitely think about including in your wardrobe. With their distinctive designs and multitude of uses you could soon find these scarves becoming one of your favourite style staples.


What are you inspired by?

I am inspired by my friends, travel and vintage pieces. It was during my yoga teacher training in Thailand that I was inspired to launch my fashion brand.

What are your design signatures?

Much to my amusement, I have been hailed as the Princess of the perfect pashmina – my signature pieces are definitely my shawls and scarves which I trim with recycled furs, feathers, studs or fringing. They are super cool and finish a look with a flourish!


 How would you describe the Hayley Menzies woman?

The Hayley Menzies woman has a huge sense of fun and adventure; she’s no shrinking violet and possibly a bit of a hippie at heart!