Summer is one of the most difficult times of year to dress for. Though it’s a season of beautiful jersey dresses and bright colours, it’s also a season of being hot and uncomfortable. Luckily, with the right summer wardrobe knowledge it’s possible to have a wardrobe that’s stylish and leaves you feeling your best right through until autumn. That means no uncomfortably tight shorts, no painful sandals and no heavy fabrics that leave you a sweaty mess by lunchtime.

Rules for a Stylish and Comfortable Summer Wardrobe

Choose loose items and avoid tight-fitting dresses
It may sound simple, but many people underestimate the benefits of choosing loose fabrics for your summer wardrobe. Though it may be tempting to choose tighter items with little fabric with the theory that less clothing means you’ll stay cooler, this isn’t always the case. Loose linen trousers, flowy tops with big sleeves and oversized jersey dresses are comfortable and look great. Plus, you won’t be left with any unsightly sweat marks on those really hot days. The Robin Dress is a great example of how something that be looser in fit and still flattering. 

Robin Dress Summer Wardrobe

Opt for light fabrics over heavier alternatives
Just because something is in the summer section of your favourite store doesn’t mean it’ll make for a good addition to your wardrobe. A lot of summer clothing – formal tops and dinner dresses especially – are made using heavy fabric that hangs close to the body. Though they may tick all the boxes in terms of style, the chances are you won’t feel comfortable in the heat. Most trends will be available in summer-friendly fabrics if you shop around. The Blue Carmen Top and No Frills Pink Top are gorgeous additions for any summer wardrobe.

Carmen Top Summer Wardrobe

Remember, comfortable shoes can be stylish too!
Many of us hear the words ‘comfortable shoe’ and assume they’re going to be boring, plain and out of fashion; this is rarely the case. Take the Dina Salmon Sandals, they are brightly coloured and perfect for the summer months. A pair of well-fitting sandals should be a wardrobe staple for all women during the summer months. Not only do they look great with a variety of different outfits and looks, but they’re a much comfier option for long days out.Dina Sandals Summer Wardrobe

Don’t underestimate the versatility of a good pair of light trousers.
Light trousers look great regardless of age or event, it’s just a case of finding a pair that you feel great in. Nowadays, summer trousers are available in different styles, lengths and colours – so there’s something for everyone! They are perfect for getting your wardrobe ready for summer as they look great teamed with anything. These Lala White Culottes are a versatile pair that are perfect for keeping cool at garden parties or shopping trips with friends.Culottes Summer Wardrobe

Whether you’re looking for dresses for ascot or elegant dresses for work, don’t let the fact that it’s summer dishearten you. With a few staple pieces in the right type of fabric, you’ll find yourself with a great choice of stylish outfits that are as on trend as they are comfortable.


Jersey is a fabulous material; it’s comfortable, flattering and, above all, versatile. At first glance jersey’s tight-fitting properties may make it a daunting prospect but in reality the seemingly clingy fabric can flatter women of all shapes and sizes. Various brands and fashion designers have used jersey in their designs but few would call themselves ‘jersey specialists’ yet British brand CeMe London do claim to be just that. Their contemporary, creations are all made using soft, pliable jersey making them incredibly easy to wear and could comfortably fit into the wardrobe of any modern woman. Jersey allows CeMe to make form fitting, flattering clothing; CeMe’s dresses are designed to make women not only feel feminine but look it too. To celebrate this wonder material, and CeMe’s stylish designs, we thought we’d give a quick round up of the jersey specialists’ best pieces.

The little black dress is a wardrobe staple and jersey makes an ideal LBD fabric; CeMe make some truly attractive LBDs. This particular black dress is modern but elegant, modest and wearable but also flattering and feminine. This is a dress you could wear to the office, the bar or even to a special event.

Jersey is also very good for draping as this stylish grey dress proves. CeMe use draping in quite a few of their designs and this technique helps to flatter the body without drawing attention to unwanted lumps and bumps. With its trendy cowl neckline this dress would look great simply teamed with a killer pair of heels.

Many of CeMe’s designs come in simple block colours and many of us often think of Jersey in terms of plain, classic colours. CeMe, however, also use bright, modern prints in some of their dresses; this not only adds interest but also presents a contemporary take on jersey-based design. This appealing print dress has a classic silhouette, like many of CeMe’s jersey designs, but its abstract up-to-date print gives it a decidedly modern air. This is a dress you could wear with a leather jacket or a blazer, to work or on the weekend; in short this is a versatile, contemporary dress.

The occasional print aside, CeMe’s designs may seem a bit minimal at times but that’s not to say they couldn’t cause a stir. This white asymmetric dress may look simple yet it’s also incredibly glamorous. This is a dress that flatters you in all the right places; really it needs only a pair of heels and the right accessories and it’ll be ready to hit the town. This is a dress that proves that less really is more and that’s the wonder of jersey; with this wearable yet figure hugging fabric even the simplest designs become extraordinary.

Hannah Balsdon



In 1999 Sophie Cranston won the prestigious Designer of the Year Award at Graduate Fashion Week, she went on to work for McQueen and help Alice Temperley set up her iconic brand. Sophie left Temperley to pursue her dreams of learning flamenco and Spanish; it was in Andalucía that her own brand, Libelula, was born. The brand soon became known for its use of vibrant prints and flattering cuts as well as Sophie’s innate sense of colour and its use of the most luxurious materials. Libelula’s clothing is elegant, feminine and utterly romantic; these are pieces for candle lit evenings, hazy afternoons and sophisticated cocktail parties. Vintage inspired but still perfectly modern Libelula’s form flattering designs are ideal for those who appreciate both quality and style; Libelula’s pieces are beautifully cut and well designed making it easy to wear them again and again.

Libelula is actually Spanish for Dragonfly and the bands aesthetic is as delicate and enchanting as a dragonfly. Floor length gowns, stylish jackets, unique day dresses, silky tops and ladylike coats all feature in Libelula’s collection; romantic and irrepressibly feminine Libelula’s designs possess an alluring elegance reminiscent of glamour of the 30s and 40s. Utilising a varied colour palette and a variety of in-house designed prints Libelula’s creations set themselves apart from the cheap and cheerful pieces found on the high street. Yet for all Libelula’s romance and commitment to luxury and quality Libelula’s clothing is surprisingly easy to wear; opulent the designs may be but they are also designed to fit into a modern wardrobe. These are clothes that can take you from day to night, that can be styled as smart casual or black tie, that look fabulous but also can brave the British climate; whatever the occasion or whatever your wardrobe needs Libelula have a dress, top, coat or jacket for you. Essentially this is luxurious, beautifully crafted womenswear designed to be worn and loved, clothing designed to make women feel amazing with the minimum amount of effort and without having to conform to transient trends.

Libelula is a great example of clothing created for women by a woman; Sophie creates pieces that are pretty and sophisticated, mature and unique, wearable and luxurious. It can often be difficult to find a dress that flatters the female form and looks incredibly stylish but Libelula’s designs manage to provide the wearer with everything they could possibly want from a piece of clothing and much more besides.


Hannah Balsdon



CeMe London specialise in designing jersey dresses. This may sound like a rather small niche, after all how many types of jersey dress are there? How much can you really do with just one style? Well CeMe London’s wide variety of chic dresses show how, with a little imagination and design know how, a simple wardrobe staple can be transformed into a myriad of different shapes and styles. Whatever your style, whatever the occasion CeMe London have a jersey dress for you. The simplicity of their classic designs means that these are dresses that can be dressed up or dressed down, thrown on or carefully styled. Specialising in one type of dress may seem a little dull but CeMe London prove that even the most seemingly plain garment can in fact provide the wearer with endless styling opportunities.



CeMe’s designs use figure hugging cuts and draping to really accentuate the female figure, these flattering but comfortable garments prove that dressing sexily needn’t be difficult or uncomfortable. These are dresses that can take you from the office to the cocktail bar; team with sensible heels and a blazer for a practical but chic work look, alternatively add an evening jacket and stilettos for a night out on the town. CeMe dresses come in a variety of colours and prints, from classic black to a glamorous flower print and street wise stripes, the dresses also come in a variety of subtly different styles, some with sleeves, some without, some utilising a classic shift shape others featuring up-to-date asymmetry. CeMe London do not just make office appropriate work dresses but also dresses for lazy weekends, informal parties and even the urban streets.




Essentially CeMe London specialise in creating chic, flattering but basic dresses for everyday use. Whichever one of their styles you pick you will soon find that it can be used to create a multitude of looks, from the laid back to the work appropriate, from the trendy to the classic. This is elegant, feminine design that allows women to really express their own fashion sense; in short these are dresses that celebrate individual style.


Hannah Balsdon             



Beulah London was born with the goal of providing a sustainable livelihood for those who have escaped the horrors of human trafficking. Co-founders Natasha and Lavinia are dedicated to using fashion as a tool to raise awareness and funds for victims, through their ethical label which boasts of timeless designs and effortless elegance.

Fashion with a conscience indeed! Beulah London is currently featured on our pop up boutique until 14th July, so to make your shopping life easier we’ve picked out the top five fabulous products from this luxurious label:

The Cleopatra Dress. 

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 10.25.08

This silk satin dress features a delicate ‘Butterfly Effect’ print and a chic silhouette, a modern interpretation of ladylike elegance. Pair with sparkling jewellery and black heels for your next dinner party.

Sabitri Dress Silver

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 10.37.38

This versatile dress features Beulah London’s signature billowing sleeves in sumptuous light grey silk, the perfect piece for a smart, summer occasion.

Sabitri Dress Black

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 10.43.46

Prefer a classic LBD? The Sabitri Dress also comes in black, oh how we spoil you!

Lady Dress Grey

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 10.45.50

This glamorous floor length piece is reminiscent of Monaco royalty, and who doesn’t like to pretend to be a princess? Made from 100% silk satin, the Lady Grey is complimented with a thigh high slit.

Cream Lady Scarf

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 10.49.56

This cashmere blend scarf uses the signature ‘Butterfly Effect’ print, designed to keep you warm on a cool summer’s evening.