They say you can tell a woman’s age by her hands so if you’re anything like Miss LF, you’ll take good care of them. The contemporary K West Spa in West London gives ladies a chance to turn back the ‘hands’ of time with a new hour long SOL Luxury Manicure.

Designed as a luxury facial for the hands, the SOL treatment protects the skin from future sun damage, rejuvenates the skin’s natural glow leaving hands feeling silky soft. Beginning with and Avocado Nail Butter massage before being neatly shaped and left to soak in the nail bath.

Then onto a powerful Enzyme Hand Peel to remove dead skin cells with a relaxing hand massage before a skin-repairing Overnight Hand Mask with Panthenol is applied to replenish and moisturise, while your hands are enveloped in a warm towel for ten minutes to encourage penetration of the hand mask, the beautician see’s to your well-being through a head and shoulder massage using pressure points.

SOL SPF15 hand-cream with vitamin C and E is then applied to leave the skin protected and revitalised, then completed with a luxurious manicure using LCN nail polish. Preened to perfection.

But that’s not all, in addition to the Vanity K Nail Bar, the K Spa boasts holistic spa offers with a whole range of exclusive treatments including the ‘Snow Paradise’ which mimics the Finnish experience of alternating between freezing and steamy environments, designed to relax and rid the whole body of dead skin cells to bring out a shiny and new you.

If it’s good enough for Miss LF, we’re all on board!

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Snow Paradise - K Spa

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K West Hotel & Spa, Richmond Way, London W14 0AX
020 8008 6600 

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Miss LF


Miss LF knows a thing or two about pampering, it is her right in life (or so she says), so when she popped into House of Rush in the heart of Piccadilly last weekend, Miss LF felt right at home.

For those who aren’t in the know, House of Rush is the place to go for one-stop pampering for luxury loving londoners. With Louis Vuitton SS13-esque checkerboard print floors and chandeliers adorning the ceilings, this 5,000 sq ft beauty venue boasts the latest in beauty technology and is home to London’s finest hairdressers.

Karen Hatch Photography

Miss LF treated herself to the newly introduced and current celebrity favourite – the ‘Venus Freeze Facial’, a non-invasive and anti-aging facelift treatment which misleading by it’s name, won’t freeze your face. Instead, a layer of glycerin is applied to the skin and the Venus Freeze hand piece is gently massaged into it warming the face, combining Radio Frequency treatment with Magnetic Pulses that stimulate the skin to naturally produce collagen and elastin.


Et voila! Baby smooth skin in half an hour. Most people have even fallen asleep during the relaxing treatment, a pain-free and fuss-free way forward to tighter pores. Yasmin Le Bon and Cara Delevingne are firm fans, now Miss LF will be definitely going back for more. The best bit? – the treatment can also be applied to problem areas with cellulite on the body, hello bikini season.

After the relaxing facial, Miss LF was lead away from the private beauty room and into a massage chair to begin a luxurious blow dry with Rush Artistic Hairdresser and London Hairdresser of the year Tina Farey, who has been creating catwalk hair with London Fashion Week since 2010.


House of Rush also houses the most decadent of brands, with Fusio-Dose Treatment and Concentré Oléo-fusion having been applied to the hair beforehand with a gorgeous scalp-massage (Miss LF assures us she didn’t fall asleep) then fixed with Architect Mousse and Kérastase Nectar Thermique which doesn’t only protect hair from heat damage, it nourishes at the same time – talk about multi-tasking.


Miss LF was then treated to the most fabulous blowdry one could imagine, no pulling and not one styling tool needed apart from the trusty round, soft bristle brush. Fresh faced and bouncing big hair, Miss LF emerged from the salon glowing head to toe – perfect for her evening out that night.

Book House of Rush for fabulous treatments on your hair, body and soul. Visit Rush or call 020 7042 3200.

– Sufiyeh Hadian