Spotlight on Yawn

In need of a little TLC Alice Whiteley went shopping for the perfect pair of pyjamas only to be disappointed by the plain, uninspiring designs on offer. Sensing a gap in the market Alice set out to create the perfect PJs herself and thus Yawn was born. Unlike much of the sleepwear available on the high street Yawn’s creations are wonderfully comfortable and full of character. This is sleepwear designed for relaxation and days spent under the duvet. Comforting, unique and just a little luxurious Yawn’s PJs show how even the most mundane, functional pieces of clothing can be transformed into something alluring and even inspiring.

Yawn’s designs have a calm but contemporary feel; soft neutral colours and simple modern prints give the clothes a soothing aura. Slipping into a pair of Yawn PJs would be the perfect way to relax after a hard day. Yawn takes traditional sleepwear styles and reinterprets them for the 21st century with buttoned night shirts and sets call to mind the PJs of yesteryear. All Yawn’s pieces are made of the very softest luxury cotton ensuring that they a delightfully gentle on the skin. In addition the brand’s designs feature easy to wear drawstring waistbands and 4 practical pockets making them functional as well as comfy. These are PJs designed to remove stress and facilitate relaxation; they are comfy, snug and easy to just slip on.

Pyjamas are the ultimate comfy, fuss free clothing yet more often than not we see sleepwear as an afterthought. Yawn, however, is one brand that allows the humble pyjama to take centre stage and in doing so they show how alluring a good pair of PJs can actually be. As the nights get colder and winter approaches Yawn’s cosy, gentle designs are beginning to look very attractive indeed.

Hannah Balsdon


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