Spotlight on Tina Lilienthal

Drawing inspiration from both the traditional and the modern,  Tina Lilienthal creates delightful but edgy jewellery. Her eponymous label has garnered a loyal fan base with her designs been worn by celebrities such as Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldof.  Quirky and cute but with a hint of dark romance and Rock ‘n’ Roll her designs are perfect for those looking to inject a little individuality into their jewellery box.

Orbit Necklace with Blue Agate by Tina Lilienthal

Using pop culture motifs such as rockets, skulls and fruit Tina’s work possesses the devil may care attitude and searing wit more commonly found in contemporary art, indeed she cites American artist Jeff Koons as one of her inspirations. Some of her pieces are reminiscent of tattoo art with objects such as anchors, stars and crescent moons all making appearances. With all the rockets and celestial bodies Sci-fi is also an ever present influence on Tina’s jewellery, her colourful and charming orbit necklaces even remind one a little of the NASA logo. All these influences lend the jewellery a certain dynamism and excitement; this is loud, bold jewellery, jewellery that goes where no other jewellery has gone before.

Half Moon Bracelet by Tina Lilienthal

Tina’s jewellery does not try to fake opulence as some costume jewellery; it certainly is not trying to emulate fine jewellery. This jewellery was designed to be fun, light-hearted and youthful, these pieces do not try to be elegant or sophisticated instead this is jewellery that you should enjoy wearing. This is jewellery for the free spirited individual who loves bright pops of colour and eccentric designs. These pieces can add personality to even the most boring of outfits, throw on an orbit necklace with a little black dress for extra impact or layer up Tina’s sweet little star and moon pendants to give your outfit a cosmic twist. With Tina Lilienthal’s distinct jewellery the possibilities are endless.

Orbit Necklace with Ruby by Tina Lilienthal


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