Spotlight on The British Flat Shoe Company

The British Flat Shoe Company is a UK based brand with a very clear message; simply put they are passionate about British manufacturing and British jobs. The brand endeavours to provide style conscious consumers with attractive, good quality shoes. All their shoes are made in Northampton, which has been at the centre of British shoe manufacturing for centuries. Drawing on this heritage and an eye for good design the British Flat Shoe Company create stylish flats that women can wear with pride. Comfortable, practical but above all fashionable the brand’s shoes would make a great addition to any shoe closet.

The British Flat Shoe Company likes to keep things simple; their British made flats are straightforward, fuss free and easy to wear. Not quite ballet pumps and not quite slippers these are shoes designed to outlast the whims of fast fashion; BFSC shoes may be stylish but they are also durable. Their unique aesthetic also imbues the shoes with a versatility characteristic of a good pair of flats; these are shoes that would look equally stylish teamed with jeans, a smart office ensemble or a pretty, feminine dress. In addition each of the British Flat Shoe Company’s shoes comes with in-build padding in the heel to ensure comfort; this is not footwear that you will curse at the end of the day but rather shoes that you will be more than happy to put on in the morning.

Everyone likes fun, flashy heels but in reality we all need shoes that can cope with the rigours of daily life. The British Flat Shoe Company produces just such footwear; their shoes are accessible, comfy and durable. They may not be quite as showy as some shoes but they are, in their own way, equally as stylish and far more robust. In short, buying a pair of BFSC flats is an investment, not just in good quality footwear but also in British industry and ingenuity.

Hannah Balsdon


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