Spotlight on Sloane Stationery

There is something unmistakably seductive about beautiful, luxury stationery; you simply cannot beat the look or feel of a classic leather bound journal or notebook. In a world of touch screens and monitors old fashioned stationery is beginning to become rarer and rarer. Fortunately luxury stationery brand Sloane Stationery uses age old book binding techniques to produce high quality notebooks and diaries. Founded by Nathalie Vaandrager with the aim of bringing the traditional craft of book binding into the 21st century Sloane Stationery manufacture all their pieces right here in the UK. This is a company committed, not only to creating elegant and stylish stationary but also to preserving time-honoured skills and techniques.

Luxury stationary can often seem a bit serious and austere but Sloane’s products are unique in that they actually posses a both a sense of humour and an individuality all of their own. Slogans such as “Masterful Inactivity” and “Man Walks Into A Bar” adorn their notebooks whilst astrological signs give some of their 2015 diaries a quirky look.  This is classic stationery with a twist; a Sloane Stationery notebook is designed not only to be written in but also to make you smile. That said this is certainly not novelty stationery; the brand’s use of traditional finishes and restrained typography gives their pieces a stylish and iconic air. These are notebooks and diaries with a touch of whimsy rather than disposable joke stationery.

With Christmas now just weeks away Sloane Stationery’s witty but refined products would make excellent presents. This is stationery that would not look out of place on even the most professional desk and yet is also designed to make its owner smile. High end stationery can often add a touch of luxury to an office but Sloane Stationery’s creations add a little fun as well.

Hannah Balsdon


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