Spotlight on SILKLIS

London based brand SILKLIS specialises in timeless, luxurious silk garments and accessories. Silk is the ultimate luxury fabric and SILKLIS source only the best quality silk from South East Asia, a region with hundreds of years of silk weaving experience. SILKLIS’ creations are designed to last, to be loved and worn time and time again. This is not fast throwaway clothing but beautifully crafted products designed to outlast the current whims of fashion. Yet for all their attention to quality and durability SILKLIS still ensure that each of their designs is modern, stylish and easy to wear In short SILKLIS create contemporary but long lasting luxury fashion made of and inspired by one of the world’s most desirable materials.

For Spring/Summer 2014 SILKLIS present a collection full of chic easy to wear dresses, feminine shirts and tops as well as elegant lace skirts. The obligatory summer floral prints do make an appearance but in a restrained, up to date way. The varying forms of silk used by the brand give their pieces a fluidity and coolness that seems ideal for the warm summer months.

SILKLIS’ designs range from floaty, positively bohemian maxi dresses to simple, work worthy  tops and bright floral print dresses; silk lovers of all persuasions should be able to find a SILKILS piece to suit them. Fuss free but elegant and feminine all of SILKLIS’ clothes are designed with the modern style conscious dresser in mind. There are clothes here to take you from boardroom to bar, clothes that can be worn on city streets or sandy beaches; essentially SILKLIS’s have a silky garment for almost any occasion.

By specialising in one material SILKLIS show what a versatile fabric silk actually is; silk is not just for fancy lingerie or formal evening attire rather it can be worn in almost any situation.  SILKLIS’ silk garments could, it seems, add a little touch of luxury to any wardrobe.

Hannah Balsdon


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