Spotlight on Rumour

London based fashion label Rumour are committed to creating wearable but stylish clothing for the modern, professional woman. Coco Chanel once said “dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman”. Rumour takes this advice to heart and focuses on designing dresses that ensure that the wearer will make just the right impression. As a result the brand’s pieces are contemporary, stylish and effortlessly feminine. Rumour works closely with suppliers to source the very best materials and also seeks out the best manufacturers to give their clothes a high end finish. These are, in essence, clothes fit for hardworking, discerning women; women who value quality as much as style and are willing to invest smart, attractive clothing.

Rumour’s dresses flatter the female form and yet are perfectly suited to a professional office environment. These are dresses that combine contemporary smartness with classic figure hugging silhouettes.  Rumour’s eye catching designs make you feel like a woman but additionally possess a neat elegance that makes them ideal for the modern workplace; essentially this is power dressing for the 21st century.  Yet for all the label’s formality and professionalism Rumour pieces also have a individuality that sets them apart from other office wear. Idiosyncratic prints and modish styling all make for clothing that is distinct and unique without being too over the top. These are dresses with their own personality that somehow manage to be flattering and functional as well.

Office wear can often be a bit dull, unattractive or unfeminine but Rumour actually produce clothing that is fit for a professional setting but also perfectly desirable in its own right. In short this is clothing that any hardworking but style conscious woman can wear with pride and, for many women, such a prospect must seem pretty irresistible.

Hannah Balsdon


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