Spotlight on Millie Manu

Camilla Ridley, known as Millie to her friends, founded her eponymous label with one aim; to capture the quality and quintessentially British style of the clothes of her childhood and give it a contemporary twist for women and children today. Her capsule collections of women’s and children’s clothing are all designed and made in the UK using the finest natural fabrics. Fuss free and delightfully pretty Millie Manu creates clothes for relaxation rather than work; for adventures in the great outdoors and lazy summer holidays. These are good quality, simple but attractive clothes designed to be worn with ease.

Millie Manu use Liberty print silks to give their pieces a distinctly British feel; this is clothing that takes the best of British design and gives it a modern wearable twist. The brand sticks to breezy flattering cuts and designs meaning that even the most intricate print does not overwhelm the wearer. This is clothing that can be simple thrown on and paired with jeans, leggings or trainers; Millie Manu’s clothing is not hard to wear rather it fits snugly into a laid back, relaxed wardrobe. These are clothes that any woman can wear with ease and yet they are still very attractive; comfortable clothing is notorious for being unstylish but Millie Manu’s pieces are charmingly feminine and pretty.  These are comfortable but stylish pieces that are versatile enough for everyday wear.

Millie Manu’s founder set out to create clothes that reminded her of her childhood and there is certainly something very nostalgic about the brand’s pieces. The brand’s uncomplicated fuss free style easily recalls the simple, pretty dresses of one’s childhood. Yet for all the brand’s nostalgic, childlike charm their designs are also contemporary and up to date. Millie Manu’s clothes may remind you of the past but they will also last well into the future.

Hannah Balsdon


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