Spotlight on Faux England

Real fur generally comes with a huge price tag and a lot of controversy. Faux fur on the other hand has all the classic style of traditional fur but with none of the ethical issues. With decades of experience within the faux fur industry Faux England produces some of the best cruelty free furs on the market. Faux is a brand dedicated to creating elegant, luxurious faux fur pieces that could easily rival real fur. This faux fur that recalls the iconic coats and jacket of yesteryear; think Anna Karenina and golden age Hollywood glamour. With winter just on the horizon Faux England’s furry outerwear could be just what you need to get you through the winter months in style.

Faux England’s current collection features chic coats, feminine gilets and stylish jackets in a variety of finishes. Fox, mink and husky are all cleverly mimicked by the brand meaning that whatever your faux fur desires Faux England have it covered. The company sticks, almost religiously, to a classic aesthetic; feminine and glamorous these are coats and jackets imbued with all the allure of the exclusive furs of the past. These are furs with a distinctly vintage vibe, furs that one could use to channel Grace Kelly or Marilyn Monroe. A Faux England fur could add a little class to a pair of jeans during the day but would also make an opulent finishing touch a party outfit.

Fur never really goes out of style but in this modern age the ethical implications and high price make real fur an unpalatable to many. Faux fur brands such as Faux England provide an appealing alternative; this is stylish ‘fur’ that any woman can wear with pride. Faux’s designs may have all the charm and glamour vintage furs but they are also ideal for a contemporary winter wardrobe.

Hannah Balsdon 


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