Spotlight on Emma Franklin – A Great British Brand

The natural world and its varied wildlife have provided inspiration to countless artists and designers, including Lux-Fix stocked jewellery designer Emma Franklin. Emma takes inspiration from the animalistic strength and beauty of wild, untamed creatures to create wonderfully sophisticated, contemporary and dynamic jewellery. Emma has been designing jewellery since her teens and set up her own brand right after graduating from Central Saint Martin’s in 2005. Each one of her pieces is lovingly handcrafted in her London studio using traditional techniques.

Emma Franklin

Her pieces consist of fantastically enigmatic representations of animals; horses, pheasants, rams and more exotic creatures such as hippos and tigers are rendered with a sense of drama and dynamism. Pheasants take flight on a pair of cufflinks, a hippo pendant roars and three horses gallop in unison on her beautiful Triple Horse Ring.  Through the use of such engaging natural imagery Emma’s designs exude confidence; this is jewellery for those strong enough to tame it.

Triple Horse Ring by Emma Franklin

Of course all this raw animal magnetism is conceived in such a quintessentially British manner.  Emma veers away from the use of colourful stones and over decoration instead focusing solely on the animal form showing typical British restraint. Another of her inspirations is the British gentry and in some respects her pieces echo the animal trophies you would see on the wall of a grand country house. In keeping with the solid grandeur of the country house the pieces posses an understated elegance and an unmistakeable sense of heritage. Such restrained elegance and grace makes Emma’s jewellery suitable for both casual day wear and eveningwear, one of her animal pendants would look equally at home as part of a daytime ensemble as it would with a stylish evening dress.

Stag Pendant by Emma Franklin

In essence Emma’s work exemplifies everything we here at Lux-Fix look for in a Great British brand; a heady combination of unique design,  references to Britain’s own heritage and environment, exciting dramatic forms yet understated elegance and sophistication. Jewellery is always a sentimental purchase, whether it is a gift for a loved one or a treat for oneself; Emma’s distinctive designs are both incredibly desirable but also delightfully romantic. Like all great jewellery Emma Franklin’s creations can take on any significance the owner wishes, her jewellery would make a perfect addition to the jewellery box of any sophisticated modern woman.

Large Ram Ring by Emma Franklin

Lux-Fix stocks a variety of Emma’s work from her iconic Ram ring (one of her personal favourites) to her striking animal pendants and chic pheasant cufflinks. Her pieces would make perfect gifts for both sexes, each piece is made to order and can even be personalised on request.


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