Spotlight on Cocorose’s AW14 Collection

Heels vs Flats; where do you stand? Heels are undoubtedly the more glamorous shoe option but flats are comfortable, practical and can be just as stylish as a pair of stilettos. From slippers to brogues flats are definitely ‘in’ at the moment but can the humble flat imbue a party outfit with the same appeal as a pair of high heels? London born brand Cocorose certainly think so; their luxurious, innovative, ballet pump inspired flats are the perfect combination of form and function making them ideal for the festive season. Cocorose’s signature pumps can be folded and easily stored away in handbags or draws until they are needed. This novel design gives the wearer the freedom to wear their comfy flats wherever and whenever they like. Cocorose’s shoes are stylish enough to fit any dressy outfit and yet their unique design gives them far more practicality than a regular party shoe.

This season Cocorose have used metallic finishes, embellishment and brogue-like detailing to create a collection that is both on trend and ideal for parties and nights out. The brand’s pumps and slippers manage to combine luxury and practicality with is something that few shoes do; these are shoes that look designer but yet are also fit for everyday wear.  In essence Cocorose’s flats are the perfect emergency shoes; these are pumps one can hid away for special occasions or sudden style dilemmas. Received a surprise party invitation? Broken a heel minutes before going out? Then Cocorose’s designs could be your style saviour.

Flats are functional enough as it is but Cocorose’s foldable designs add an extra layer of practicality making them the shoe of choice for busy but style conscious shoe lover. Cocorose’s shoes are certainly attractive enough to wear to a party but they are also sensible enough to wear again and again.

-Hannah Balsdon


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