Spotlight on Bourne

Offering chic but affordable shoes and clothing Bourne is a British brand with a distinct look. The Bourne look is luxurious without being too opulent, sophisticated without being inaccessible and stylish without relying on transient trends. Founded in 2004 the brand originally produced glamorous shoes and accessories. Their elegant designs soon attracted stockists all over the world and in 2012 Bourne launched its first womenswear collection. Bourne’s shoe and clothing collections complement each other perfectly making this a brand that truly does provide women with a full ‘look’. In essence this is smart, alluring clothing for sophisticated but style conscious women.

Bourne’s designs are designed around the lifestyle of the wearer; these are clothes and shoes that could be worn in the office during the day and dressed up for the bar at night. Feminine, elegant and chic Bourne’s creations nevertheless posses a certain air of glamour and excitement with embellishment, lace and figure hugging silhouettes giving them plenty of va-va-voom. These are clothes and shoes that simply ooze glamour, that make heads turn; Bourne’s pieces are not for the shy and retiring but rather for those women confident in their own skin. Yet for all their stylish flair Bourne’s pieces are also refined and elegant making this is a brand with excellent taste. With their mix of effortless style and sophistication Bourne’s designs only garner the right kind of attention. These are shoes and clothes for chic offices, elegant occasions and sophisticated night spots.

Striking and unique yet also elegant and refined Bourne’s creations are ideal for bringing a little glamour into your daily life. These are shoes and clothes that manage to combine luxury design with a contemporary accessibility. In short if you are looking for chic, luxurious and wearable shoes and clothing Bourne is the brand for you.

Hannah Balsdon


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