Spotlight on Air and Grace

Beautiful shoes can make a woman feel great, at least mentally, physically shoes can really hurt. Shoe designer Claire Burrows decided to create stylish contemporary shoes for women to wear all day long with impunity and so she launched her own brand Air and Grace. Each pair of the brand’s shoes feature soles made of cleverly hidden layers of memory foam which makes the shoes comfortable and wearable. This unique system also ensures that Air and Grace can focus on the aesthetics of their shoes without compromising on comfort. These shoes are miles away from the ugly, comfortable footwear often presented as an alternative to more mainstream designs. In short Air and Grace’s creations have all the style and desirability of fashionable footwear but come without the same aches and pains.

This season Air and Grace’s collection is made up of functional but stylish shoes ideal for a cold busy winter. On trend styles such as loafers and ankle boots ensure that these are shoes that would easily compliment a contemporary wardrobe. There is not a high heel or stiletto in sight making this a collection for running errands rather than attending parties. These are shoes created for those with busy lifestyles; women who have to run for the bus rather than those who spend the day in taxis. Yet for all their practicality Air and Grace’s shoes are also very attractive with the brand sticking to classic, fuss free but up to date designs. Classic shapes and styles give the shoes durability whilst trendy flourishes such as chunky buckles, leopard print and metallic finishes give the shoes an edgy contemporary feel.

Many women like to fantasise about their dream pair of heels but in the real world we all need shoes that can put up with rigours of daily life and do so in style. Air and Grace provide just such footwear; their pieces may not but glamorous but they are, nevertheless, very appealing.

-Hannah Balsdon


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