Style Profile: Polly Bean, Supermodel

Polly Bean is THE hot new thing in Fashion.  Signed to Premier Model Management’s Special Division in 2011, the world’s first cartoon supermodel is a true star and her weekly musings on have fast become a must-read for fashionistas.

Polly was first discovered by leading cartoonist Neil Kerber who has drawn the Supermodels strip for Private Eye for more than 20 years, and is renowned for his cool, stylish and satirical portrayal of the fashion industry and celebrity.

LUX FIX caught up with Polly Bean dashing between shoots to quiz her on her wardrobe must-haves this season… 

Q. You wake up late and just have time to throw on an outfit for a shoot – what’s your fail-safe look?

A. OMG my red Converse! Always my red Converse! Then it’s my black Calvins and black biker jacket (either my studded Burberry Prorsum, or a cheap one), and any loose t-shirt.

Q. It turns out to be a long day and it’s straight onto a party without going home. What do you put on/take off in the cab?

A. Lippy, varnish, and Louboutins.

Q. You’re off on holiday and you have to pack light; what gets worked hardest in your wardrobe?

A. My nice comfy sweatshirts, I always take a sweatshirt,…like my Givenchy Rottweiler. It’s soft, light, comfortable for long flights, while still maintaining that “wealthy, successful” look.

Q. At the moment are you feeling more drawn to 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s? If you could be given one wish from one of those decades what would it be?

A. At the moment….definitely the 20’s. It’s all about the Gatsby!  My wish would so be the Ralph Lauren hat.  It’s sooooo cool!

 Q. Finally, what was the last thing you saw that made you think ‘I would happily sell my soul for that’?

A. Sooo many things. But I’m still really in love with my amayzing Christopher Kane clutch. Although I did burst one at a Christmas party recently x