Marina Fogle At Her Heavenly Colourful Home

We opened the door on a grey London morning to a riot of gorgeous colour, gleaming copper table and beaming blonde! Maternity guru Marina was launching her first book that evening, The Bump Class: An Expert Guide To Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond,  but couldn’t have been calmer- we quizzed her on her style secrets…
If you had to list 3 must have items in your wardrobe what would they be?  
A great pair of jeans – I’m loving J Crew at the moment, a blazer – I’m a fan of bright colours and a pair of Stuart Wizeman silver pumps.
Can you remember your first item of clothing that made you feel like a grown up? What was it?
My first bikini – my favourite piece of clothing.
Do you have any major style faux pas?
I bought a bright orange coat from somewhere like Mango in the 90’s.  Looking back I realised I looked like I worked for Easy Jet.
Is there an piece of clothing you’ve always wanted to own? Why?
A piece of couture.  I wore an Oscar de la Renta jacket for a photo shoot recently and it was incredible.  For a moment I toyed with the idea of spoiling myself and buying it….until I realised it cost £3,500!
Would you say you are a shoes or bag girl?  
I’d love to be shoes girl but with enormous feet, I have more luck with bags….
Do you have an all time favourite style purchase?
I found two pairs of Louboutin boots in the sales about a decade ago and they’re something I wear every season.

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