Maria Francesca Pepe – Written In The Stars

Rihanna’s hit We Found Love featured Calvin Harris on the soundtrack, newcomer Dudley O’Shaughnessy in the video, and Maria Francesca Pepe in the wardrobe department. A die-hard fan of MFP, Rihanna was first spotted in the designer’s jewellery in 2009. Three years later, she is still regularly seen rocking the infamous Ear Cuff, and more recently her namesake – the Rihanna necklace, which she wore during her Brit Awards performance. The star is known for her edgy style and bold choices, so it’s a testament to the MFP designs that have stood the test of time in such a fashion-forward industry.

Rihanna necklace, Ear Cuff and Ade ring (photos courtesy of

Above: Rihanna in Sleeper with Cross Charm Earrings in ‘We Found Love’ video

Bottom: Rihanna in Safety Pin Earring in ‘We Found Love’ video

Lady Gaga, queen of modern design and out-there fashion, has long been a fan of Maria Francesca Pepe. Last year she was seen accessorising with the Cleopatra belt slung over a sixties-style playsuit, and wearing the Fauno headpiece out inLondon. Another day in the life of Gaga saw her strolling out of her hotel in MFP’s chain trousers. While Gaga may be an international icon, it is admirable that she still holds the torch for up-and-coming, avant-garde designers.

Fauno headpiece, Cleopatra Belt and Chain trousers (photos courtesy of