Bespoke Accessory Designer Louis Mariette’s Inspiration

Malawi-born Louis Mariette talks to LUX FIX about his inspiration for the latest collection of bejewelled hair accessories.

I had a childhood spent exploring the bush land of Botswana and one of my most memorable recollections is of discovering a vast dried out river bed almost a kilometre in width. Sifting through the sand I found plain, round large stones that when cracked open would reveal spectacular crystal formations.  Botswana boasts some stunning flora that would burst into life in the rainy season and with such a variety that its left a lasting impact.  In many ways the use of flowers as my signature style comes from this.  The wildlife of Africa is the core of my inspiration, which when combined with classical and deco references, is brought to life in my bejewelled collection.

All my hair accessories and hats begin from an intricate sketch and this is the first step in the process of jewellery making.  A sample is then created, as the elements are soldered together and each crystal is handset into their clasps.  Finally, the item is plated in either palladium or gold.  It’s all intensive handwork and the collection is a labour of love.  My primary aim has been to create pieces of fine craftsmanship to reflect the graceful, romantic and glamorous women who wear them.’

–Louis Mariette

Bird of Paradise Headband

Amy Headband

Ines Headband