Behind The Scenes At London Fashion Week by Model Katia Elizarova

Face of Rimmel London, model Katia E’s, dispatch from Fashion Week.  

What’s your fail-safe look for backstage? 

I always turn to something that can cope with being thrown on the floor, covered in make-up and damaged by hot lights and hairdryers. Sometimes we are an age backstage and it really doesn’t matter if your clothes are glamorous or not – because one thing is sure, they are going to get ruined! You need a very practical look backstage, so jeans, t-shirt and a coat to cover-up works perfectly. An essential is footwear that is easy to walk in. You may be required to run to your next show, and tripping down the cobbles in Somerset House is not a great look for anyone.

What do you put on/take off in the cab to a party?

The reason why my bag needs to be BIG during fashion week is that it becomes the temporary home of my essential evening heels and dress. The heels are a necessity as they immediately change your look, and if you can’t get the cabbie to avert his eyes as you change into anything else, at least you’ll step out of the cab a few inches taller.

One thing that’s for sure is I never put on make-up in a cab. With no natural light your look is sure to be changed –  but not in a good way.

Not everyone knows this but a London Fashion Week usually necessitates packing a…

An umbrella (especially in London) everything else tends to be okay – but a wet look is not the best way to start or finish a day. LFW shows generally have everything provided for girls backstage but the one thing you can never control – the weather!

You’re off on a four day shoot somewhere fun!  What gets worked hardest in your wardrobe? 

Oh! I love these little trips. I treat them as vacations and so I take enough clothes to make every day different. Although the days are usually quite tiring and the usual essentials like a pair of jeans and high heel get their fair use. There is always the chance to rock something more unusual. I’d definitely pack something bright and elegant like the new Max Studio dresses for SS 2012.

What’s your secret tip for looking good on the move?

A positive attitude and lots of water really help with looking good on the go. I also love to sleep the journey through unless I have a talkative neighbour which then means I chat like crazy. Laughing makes me feel younger and happier so a good conversation can be just as reviving as 40 winks!

What piece of clothing/accessory do you wish could be designed especially for you? 

I’ve actually had some beautiful dresses made especially for me this year. But right now I am obsessed with finding the perfect heels. I crave beyond anything a pair of dramatic high heels that are both stunning and comfortable. Dior comes close right now, but it is almost Mission Impossible to track down the perfect pair! I lay down the gauntlet to any designers who can satisfy my challenge and make me the perfect shoe.

At the moment are you feeling more drawn to 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s? 

Decades are a tricky one. I like to experiment a lot with my wardrobe, and like to think that I have items to finish off any decade’s style. If I can’t mix elements from across the years I’m feeling a 90’s look coming back.

If you could be given one vintage wish from one of those decades, what would it be? 

A black long, fitted velvet dress from a more burlesque time like the 20’s. It’s unbeatable with red lips and a pearl necklace.

Finally, what was the last thing you saw that made you think ‘I would happily sell a small piece of my soul for that’? 

Oh… I am so in love with Alaia dresses. Some of the latest collection are perfect and I should think that the currency involved may well be a little bit of soul.

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