Inspiration: Dresses For Picnics and Holiday Suppers

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Chef Georgia Cummings makes the most delicious brownies in the world. She’s inspired by her super chic grandmother who feels like she’s going to fall backwards without heels on and modelled a series of adorable summer dresses for us..

If you had to list 3 must have items in your wardrobe what would they be?

A navy jumper I bought from The White Company 4 years ago and wear every other day. Their clothes seem to be getting more and more beautiful, I also just bought a few pieces from their new Summer collection. Good underwear and a pair of tailored trousers (I’ve recently converted from jeans).

Can you remember your first item of clothing that made you feel like a grown up? What was it?

My first handbag, a gift last year from my brother. It’s a beautiful tan, saddle leather Ralph Lauren bag from Bicester Village.

Do you have any major style faux pas?

Yes, every time my dad asks me to explain my outfit I know I’ve got it wrong.

Is there a piece of clothing you’ve always wanted to own? Why?

A tailored two-piece suit because it would last a life time.

Would you say you are a shoes or bag girl?

No idea.

Do you have an all time favourite style purchase?

A mini-dress given to me by my grandmother. It’s fluorescent pink and gold checked with long sleeves and a high neck.


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