Girls Names

We thought it was about time for moody, atmospheric music to come back, á la Smiths, which is why we’re majorly excited for fresh band on the scene Girls Names who are bringing edgy, experimental sounds to the streets of Belfast and beyond.

Girls Names

LF: Hi guys, first off I’m curious to know how the band name came about.
GN: We were attempting to summon the spirit of Roland S. Howard, and the ouija board spelled it out, which is why there’s no apostrophe.

LF: It’s lucky I didn’t make a bet!  You’ve developed in your musical style quite a bit- where do you get the inspiration for your songs from? What’s the process behind the creation for one of your songs (midnight divine illumination or automatic studio churning)?                                                             GN: This album was definitely inspired from a very dark place. Just an unfortunate, hard personal time that I’ve managed to straighten out now. So it’s a bit of both really. Possibly lot’s of churning of the mind and divine studio illumination. Treating the studio as the fifth and most important member has helped the development process along.

LF: If you could jam with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?           GN: I was going to answer with The Birthday party, but that could be potentially futile. I’m not sure if it would work or take away from everything I love about them. I do think artists should be aspired to and it’s only natural to adore people but emulation of that is not necessarily a good thing. So I’ll answer with the band I’m playing in now.

LF: What does it take for a musician to be successful nowadays?                   GN: This is a real hard question as it depends on how you define success. It’s a funny period now for us, whereas before just getting a single released was a success, now we have goals and ambitions to aim for which is not to be embarrassed about. The music industry as it once was known is dead and buried, even I’ve seen so many changes in the 4 years I’ve been at this band. I’ve already succeeded in doing all the things that I ever wanted to do ten times over. Success definitely breeds success but so does singularity, hard work, patience and being yourself – if any new band were to ask me for advice, that’s what I would say to them. I’d like to see the industry returning to a time where artists get the chance to develop and grow as people and hone their craft, not everyone’s lucky to come along fully formed.

LF:  You’ve just come back from SXSW (very jealous), how was that?                 GN: It was very surreal, I had never been to America before so to be thrown into the deep end you can imagine it was a bit off the wall, it still gives little artists like us from a whole world away a chance to experience something totally different and a platform to be heard – that is if you have anything to say.

LF:  Finally, what does the future hold for you guys?                                               GN: Getting gear fixed and/or replaced. Touring more. A few festivals in the summer. We’re really excited to get started on the next bunch of recordings. I’d love to get my hard drive fixed on my laptop which got very recently dropped and broken. All my demos are on it and currently lost for good. But it’s cool, everything worthwhile remembering sticks with you and stays in your head. I’ve just got bastardised, half remembered versions of all these new songs. What’s not to get excited or feel positive about that?

Sounds good! While we wait you can hear their sounds here:

Interview by Talisa Zampieri


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