Dressing for the Big Freeze

It’s January, it’s cold and spring seems far, far away. It’s the time of year when you just want to wrap yourself up in something warm. Dressing for comfort rather than style may seem like a big fashion no-no but at the moment, with temperatures set to plummet, we all need something warm and cosy to wear. On the other hand, as we’ve seen time and time again on the Lux-Fix blog, comfort and style are not mutually exclusive; there are plenty of fashionable brands that produce clothing that is both attractive and practical. With that in mind we’ve searched high and low to find the warmest, most stylish winter-ready pieces available on Lux-Fix.

Knitwear is a must for winter and here at Lux-Fix we stock a variety of trendy, wearable knitwear brands. Needle is one such brand; their modern but relaxed designs are easy to wear, functional and just a little bit luxurious. This colour-block jumper from the brand’s aw14 collection has a fresh, contemporary feel; simply pair with jeans and ankle boots for warm but fashionable casual look.

Those looking to channel a more ladylike look this winter should check out Faux England; specialising in faux fur Faux England create furry clothing and accessories with all the glamour of yesteryear but none of the expense and controversy of real fur. Their outerwear is particularly glamorous and this lovely Orelle coat would make an extremely chic winter cover-up. This is a coat you could wear to the office or throw on over an evening ensemble with equal ease making it a must-have for the lady about town.

Similarly, glove brand Cornelia James create ladylike gloves that are, literally, fit for a queen. These are gloves that could keep even the daintiest fingers warm but can also a touch of class to any wintery outfit. These leopard print gloves are practical enough for day to day wear and stylish enough to fit into any elegant wardrobe.


As we’ve seen before on the Lux-Fix blog there seems to be a lot of faux fur around at the moment. Some brands, such as Faux England, produce vintage inspired faux pieces but other brands reinvent and reinterpret faux fur staples for a modern audience. Charlotte Simone is one such brand and Helen Moore is another; both take different approaches to furry accessories but both create pieces that are fun, contemporary and ever so trendy. Inspired by Parisian style Charlotte Simone designs scarves around which a woman can build her entire outfit; this stripy little number has a cool but light hearted feel and would be perfect for injecting a fun into a dour winter look. Helen Moore’s creations are a tad more sophisticated but still trendy and are also beautifully crafted here in the UK. This inky blue pillbox hat is pretty irresistible and could add a touch of modern day glamour any trendy, fashion conscious winter wardrobe.

Hannah Balsdon


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