Behind The Scenes with David Martin, ‘Sick By Trend’ Blogger

Sick By Trend blogger David Martin shares his favourite trends, and comments on the future of men’s fashion.

David Martin

As the owner of Sick by Trend, tell us about some of the most memorable trends you’ve blogged about?

Well I’m not sure about the most memorable trends I have blogged because everything I post is because I think it is beautiful different and perfect for different kind of people. Maybe Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci resort accessories and prints are one of my favourite ones.

You’ve browsed through the masses of fashion news over the past weeks, what really stood out?

The first week of February I had highlighted the spectacular Menswear show by Dior Homme F/W 2012-13 in a military way and also the Louis Vuitton Rome Etoile opening!  At this time, I think the most amazing and interesting news is the Hello to Heidi Slimane at YSL and the upcoming Hello of Raf Simons to Dior. I think is something very exciting, because everything can change and renovation and new ideas are always good, no?

Dior Homme F/W 2012-13 “Crows, Wool and Military” by David Martin


Trends come and go but what is still hanging in your closet from years ago?

From years ago… Vintage sweaters from 10 years ago and of course JEANS!

You recently attended the John Galliano show in Paris. How was it? Did it feel very different from before? 

Well, the last show was special and I could taste the essence of Galliano back for F/W 2012-13. I think the team studied John Galliano’s work a lot and tried to recreate his style, the power represented by models and the essence growing in each piece as much as possible.  An impossible task because he is an artist.  I remember the last John Galliano show at the brand and it was amazing. I don’t think it is possible to create the same again if he doesn’t come back to Galliano, the essence might be there but the real work could only be a product of Galliano himself.  Anyway, I think the last show was great and I liked it.

People tend to say men have less options in fashion compared to women. Do you agree?

Men risk less than women but I’m a faithful thinker. Menswear is a big industry growing more and more each year and designers are starting to create different and beautiful things at the moment.

Of course, Women always have more options because of the loads of accessories, kinds of shoes, parts of an outfit and millions of combinations and possibilities they have. However, I have in mind the Prada S/S 2012 for men and how spectacular it was to attend that show.  Miuccia gave a special feeling to all the people there with each outfit, those amazing pins everywhere and the feeling that men are changing!

Frankie Morello F/W 2012 taken backstage by David 

And finally, people come and go in the fashion industry. As a blogger who has to constantly stay ahead of the game, what advice would you give to people striving to stay current?

I think, the most important thing in the fashion industry is to try to learn every day, try to enjoy each moment and feel how special it is being there and working in something you really really like.

As advice: be sure this industry is what you really really like for your life, be sure again and then work hard because if you don’t really like it, it is better to stop!

From the Fendi show F/W 2012 by David