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YANG DU’s fantastical, magical, surrealist A/W 12 Show


Olivia Grant vs. V. Day

Actress Olivia Grant takes LUX FIX on a secret tour of London’s most romantic locales.


Zoological jeweller Emma Franklin live from her workbench in the heart of Hatton Garden, London’s jewellery quarter since medieval times.

Animals are a huge influence on your work! What was the very first animal that inspired you to create a piece of jewellery?

EF: The Stag

We love the dinosaur influence! Tell us more about the Triceratops and his diamond horn…

EF: It is such a mighty beast, I wore it as a tie pin at a party last night and everyone i hugged i slightly injured, whoops! Not many can carry off a diamond encrusted horn but i think the Triceratops can do it pretty well.

You are inspired by the English countryside but you work out of Hatton Garden, what do you find interesting about the urban environment that influences your work ?

EF: I find my Clerkenwell surroundings energy building, with the combination of old crumbling London and new clean line. London constantly thrills me, with it’s movement I flit around which inspires me. I am a combination of country and city as is my jewellery.

Tell us a secret place you go to get inspired in London?

Not so secret but very quiet – the city at the weekend, where most wouldn’t dream of going especially if they work there in the week, the calm and closed off feeling if serial yet you have the freedom to roam, always looking up – London’s buildings are magical.

Which animal is haunting (stalking you in your dreams!) at the moment that you haven’t created yet?

EF. Insects and sea creatures…

Finally, which animal piece are you never without and why?

EF: The three horse ring, because i am so far the only person with one and they guard me, they are so strong.


Maria Francesca Pepe, MFP, opens the doors of her London studio to talk inspiration, love and literature.