Tell us more about MIH’s inspiration?

Although Chloe is inspired every season by many things, from blogs to holidays in far-flung places, she always comes back to the inspiration wall of photographs of her mum, which hangs in the MiH offices. She was the original MiH girl and with every collection she is the start and end point.

Original MIH Poster

What are your design signatures?

When Chloe relaunched MiH, she did so with the aim of creating flattering jeans with a beautiful hand feel – something that still takes priority with every fabric choice in every collection. There is also huge attention to detail, such as in the studs, rivets and stitch length, and not to mention the colour of the iconic dove logo.

How would you describe the MiH woman?

Confident, independent and modern, just like MiH fans such as Jane Birkin and Gwyneth Paltrow. These woman are naturally beautiful and effortless in the way they dress and our jeans fit the same mould – cool in the most understated way.

Founder of MIH Jeans, Chloe. Denim is in her blood! Her dad started the legendary Jean Machine Stores, her mother was a top 70’s denim model and in 1969 her godfather launched Made in Heaven, now MIH.



Tell us about the inspiration behind your recent collection?

For the most recent collection, we’ve used an ‘Englishman abroad’ as our reference point. Whether it’s a holiday in Brighton or the desert, or a field in India the ‘Englishman abroad’ conjures up many different images.

What are your design signatures?

Tailored fit, colour and dual functionality; for example, not a swim short but a short you can swim in.

How would you describe the Orlebar Brown man?

A man who enjoys clothes but might not be obsessed with fashion. He already has his own evolved sense of style and the ability to re-interpret Orlebar Brown clothes to suit him and the way he wants to dress.


Wilbur & Gussie founders, Brett and Lucy

Naming our business proved to be no easy task, until we came up with the idea to incorporate our family pets when we were growing up. Regal mongrel cat Wilbur reflects what’s elegant and refined about us, and Gussie, the strong minded Westie, mirrors what’s bold, and occasionally off-the-wall. All of the different styles in the range are similarly named after much loved pets belonging to family and friends.

The original Wilbur & Gussie


Tell us what you are inspired by?

Craftmanship. We create new and interesting embellishments on scarves and artist collaborations for our prints while preserving the exclusivity of our cashmere and merino wools.

Artist Frédérique Loutz’s aptly entitled ahilya print commission- Little Red Riding Hood is a darker variation on traditional fairy tale figures..

Tell us about your design signatures?

Lace bands with stripes and our new men’s essentials collection of cashmere scarves

ahilya’s lucious grey and yellow lace band scarf on a striking yellow background in German Vogue

How would you describe the Ahilya woman/man?

They are confident, fashion fluent and a traveller.


“Pussycat pussycat where have you been?”

“I’ve been to London to visit the Queen obviously”

“Really you never cease to amaze… Ah you mean Kate Middleton’s wedding dress don’t you. Did you see the tiara too?”

“I did. It would have looked sensational on me.”

“Did you know Ladbrokes had 3-1 odds on Vinnie Day designing a modern headpiece?”

“Wow. Next you’re going to tell me you managed to see Vinnie for tea and steal all her Princess secrets…”

Vinnie’s Rock & Roll Necklace for sees Tiffany’s hearts…and raises them.

Q.  You grew up in a ranch in Laikipia, northern Kenya. Are there any childhood memories you’d like to share with us?

A. When it used to rain, which didn’t happen very often, my siblings and I would go swimming and naked mud sliding in the dam. The roads, made from mud, would turn into rivers and so the dams would fill up and we (the children) would pretend we were on rafts in a monsoon!

Elephants at Kamogi Ranch

Q. It seems you are very much still drawn back to Kenya as an adult…

A. Although I was born in Ireland and live in London, if somebody asked me where me home is, I would always say Kenya. Once you’ve been taken by Africa it’s in your blood and I will always, always, always want to go back there. Either you get it or you don’t. I go back once a year. I will always want to go back and never want to lose that.

Vinnie Day

Q. Your leaf collection is inspired by the acacia leaf; what other influences do you take from Kenya?

A. Nature, the natural form, and the shapes that the Samburu tribe wear; which is the main tribe up by us in the Northern area. There are over 40 different tribes in Kenya and they are all incredibly colourful. Initially when I started off my jewellery it was really colourful and bigger, chunkier, but then I ended up refining it to make it more wearable. I get lots of charm ideas from Kenya and put them all together.


Acacia leaf and as one of Vinnie’s signature creations

Q. How did you first become interested in design and jewellery?

A. When I moved from Kenya to my great aunt’s house, in Donaghadee (Northern Ireland), my interest and fondness for jewellery really kicked off. When I first explored the house I discovered a huge array of trunks of jewellery in the attic that my ancestors had brought back from their travels around the world. My ancestors were huge travellers and they picked up loads of stuff from India and Africa, beautiful jewellery and paintings. I kept the jewellery.

Q. LUX FIX is running an exclusive for an elegant, yet a little bit bad-girl, necklace you have designed. Can you explain to us the process behind creating a new piece?

A. Generally the process starts when I’m in India because I sit in workshops immersed in charms and jewellery and silver and colours and beads and then I put them all together and draw pictures of what I want. My collection normally starts with around 5 pieces and it grows into maybe 10 pieces. I experiment. I go to antique markets and get inspired by form, texture, feel and then see what I come up with. But the pistol was just about fun.

LUX FIX / Vinnie Day Limited Edition – Rock and Roll Necklace

Q. Where would you wear the Rock and Roll necklace?

A. I would wear it layered up with other VD jewellery. It would look fantastic layered in amongst other chains. I like the combination of silver and gold and the whole charm feel, so love to layer the two.

Q. Your jewellery is very delicate and feminine, what kind of woman wears Vinnie Day jewellery?

A. She is unique, she is independent, shes fashionable, but she isnt obsessed, shes sophisticated but quite a bit daring. She wouldn’t wear a Tiffany heart, she might have that in her collection someone probably gave it to her as a gift. Shes just quite like Kate Middleton.

Q. Kate Middleton has often been pictured wearing your jewellery. Which other princess, real or fairy-tale, would you like to dress and why?

A. Oh, Queen Rania of Jordan. She and Kate Middleton have that same beautiful hair and the dark striking look. I love her morals and ethics. I just think she’s amazing.

Another of LUX FIX’s favourite princesses