What are you inspired by?

Slim Aarons’ images of 1960s jet set lifestyle, particularly one image called ‘Poolside Gossip’. The combination of angular mid-century architecture against the lilac mountains of Palm Springs, the bright blue pool, whites and yellows bathed in sunshine captures a very manicured apparently pristine lifestyle, but you just know there’s more going on than meets the eye.

What are your design signatures?

Laser-cut geometric shapes, spiked pearls and pointed semi-precious stones with large Swarovski crystals – an industrial, slightly futuristic yet luxurious aesthetic for necklaces, earrings – all my jewellery.

How would you describe the Merle O’Grady woman?

She’s someone who can really make my pieces her own. She’s elegant yet not afraid to make a statement.


What are Pringle of Scotland’s design signatures?

Hand-knitted, Made in Scotland, cashmere; The Twin Set – with a contemporary twist.

How would you describe the Pringle of Scotland woman?

She is an independent, spirited woman who loves fashion but interprets it in her own way. Not guided by trends, but by her own style and a love of long-lasting, beautiful, quality garments.


What is Vinnie Day inspired by?

Vinnie was brought up on her parent’s ranch in Laikipia and is inspired by the colours, shapes and sounds of the jewellery traditionally made by the Samburu and Turkana tribes of Kenya. She develops these African concepts in London, resulting in a unique collection, which combines the very different and vibrant cultures of these two continents.

What are Vinnie Day’s design signatures

The logo gold leaf earrings and necklaces: the leaf is the acacia leaf worn by the Samburu of Kenya because it resembles the top of the spear but Vinnie has managed to adapt it to become more chic!

Handcrafted from silver plated with 24 carat gold Vinnie’s designs feature a unique and distinctive texture; the silver is blasted with sand to acquire the desired matt affect before gold plating to make the gold plate look enticingly like chocolate.  Everyone loves charms as they can be added to other chains, layering up for an amazing look.

How would you describe the Vinnie Day woman?

She is boho-chic – sophisticated, fashionable and stylish but prefers to have unique pieces rather than follow the crowd.