Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and fashion icon has been snapped in everything from Alex McQueen to Zara, and as everybody knows, no outfit is complete without the right accessories. We couldn’t help but notice some of our very own designers featuring in her collection…

Kate has been spotted several times in Vinnie Day Gold Plated Logo earrings. She wowed Canadians on her Royal Tour of North America, wearing the Vinnie Day earrings with everything from demure print dresses to cowboy hats and jeans – versatile, pretty and elegant, they epitomise the Duchess’ covetable style and her ability to make her accessories multitask. Vinnie Day’s stamp of approval also comes from Kate’s sister Pippa, often seen in the Gold Plated Twisted Leaf earrings and the Gold Plated Heart Disc earrings. Well, if it’s good enough for the Middletons…

Above: Kate Middleton in Vinnie Day Gold Plated Logo Leaf Earrings 

Above: Pippa Middleton in Vinnie Day Gold Plated Heart Disc Earrings

Above: Pippa Middleton in Vinnie Day Gold Plated Twisted Leaf Earrings

At an Imperial War Museum Reception, Kate looked stunning with a hint of a smoky eye, coiffed hair and striking gold Temple of Heaven Girandole drop earrings by Cassandra Goad. Inspired by Goad’s travels in Japan, the earrings are the perfect accessory to add timeless glamour to any outfit. Kate has made hers work at evening events, weddings and an LA reception – now that’s what we call multi-tasking.

Above: Kate Middleton in Cassandra Goad Temple of Heaven Girandole Earrings

Words: Anna Prendergast

Photos courtesy of dianasjewels.net, ibtimes.co.uk, vinnieday.com, bagtrends.com, allaboutkatemiddleton.blogspot.co.uk


Baby it’s cold and grey outside and summer seems a long time ago. It’s only July though! Let’s try and keep the dream alive, let’s ask the Balearic born jewellery designer BEX ROX for her best Ibiza thoughts and then we can make London seem a bit brighter with the aid of her neon fluoro wearable amazingness on LUX FIX this week. Sunshine in a bottle? Nah, trust us this is better.  


Ibiza by Bex’s friend and collaborator Marco Walker

Q. What’s your earliest Ibiza memory?

A. My earliest memory is cycling on a tricycle down the rustic lanes to my neighbours house in fancy dress and ending up upside down in a rose bush! 


Be-jewelled Baby Bex in the Balearics 

Q. Where did you stay the last time you were in Ibiza?

A. stayed in a Villa in the North end of the Island – Gorgeous 

Q. What night out comes to mind?!

A. Big dinners outside with all my friends under the palm trees with Soul clap playing then onto various house parties.

BEX in Ibiza by Marco Walker

Q. Which BEX ROX pieces do you rely on to take you through the night?

A. Without a doubt the neon range- the Eivissa box necklace and double flouro cuff.

The Eivissa collection in situ this summer in Peng on the Marina Botafoch

Q. You’re at a beach club the next day. What are you wearing?

A. I am wearing bright coloured espadrilles, and a Suno jumpsuit and my Illesteva sunglasses. 

Q. What advice would you give to a first timer?

A. To remember to drive around and explore the island- it’s truly magical.

Quin keeps the dream alive for us back in London!




Her shop is a favourite with Kate Moss, Alex James says she’s Fabulous and her clothing line is intended to provide “stealthy, beautiful staples”. We interviewed Carole Bamford to find out why and how she went about expanding her business from food to fashion and the kind of woman Bamford is really designed for.

Q. Can we start with the Bamford customer? You design for a cosmopolitan 30+ woman, was that an obvious decision for you at the beginning?

A. I think all women, whatever age, have many layers to their personality and many demands on their time. We are mothers, wives, lovers, friends – we work – we are busy. So we like our style to be effortless, yet elegant and we like to feel comforted – and comfortable. That was the starting point. What remains important to me is that our pieces should be simple, easy to wear, soft to touch and above all well made.

Q. Your pieces are also frequently talked about as the ultimate in luxury cover-ups – they are just what we would want to take on a trip anywhere! What are your ultimate travel staples from the collection?

A. Our Double Faced Cashmere pieces travel very well and for our Autumn Collection we have made them reversible so that you can be wearing Chocolate Brown by day and flip the pieces inside out to Black for the evening – two looks in one. Our Knits layer up easily and combine to make different looks – from ultra fine under-pieces to cosier warm styles – and we have beautiful woven scarves which pack as nothing but can be added to your wardrobe to add a touch of style – versatility is important for our busy lifestyle.

A Bamford shawl in your holiday wardrobe…

Bamford design signatures are inextricably intertwined with their origins – for example your pieces from India are Khadi (the Indian handspun and hand-woven cloth linked with the country’s independence) – how has that had impact on the pieces you design that are made in India?

Yes, India is very special to me and Khadi cloth fits so perfectly within our Collection. It’s an honest, traditional and practical fabric – cool and comfortable to wear and beautiful to touch. We have used it in our Meditation Gown and Spa influenced pieces…simple Kurta shapes which are easy to wear and again, perfect for travel – either as cover ups by the pool or simply for relaxing at home.

Bamford works with crafts people in Italy and of course the UK, how did you go about setting up an international network of artisans and do you find you are adding to your suppliers constantly as you discover new sources?

We partner with workshops who are expert in their particular skill…Italy has a long tradition of making Double Faced Cashmere, so it was natural for us to begin looking there when we wanted to champion this technique. Also, Scotland has a strong heritage in Cashmere Knitwear, so our Knits are developed with small businesses who preserve traditional methods. The team are always on the look out for new ideas and even return from their holidays inspired by local crafts! Jewellers, weavers etc…We’ve been also been lucky in that we have been approached by some interesting people with ideas to share. Our suppliers become like family – so we are not constantly adding but are always interested to see new techniques.

When was the moment when you decided to extend your organic food and beauty business into clothes – was it a wardrobe crisis?!

Not quite! But I did feel that a simple and natural style of clothing could celebrate the same values we were promoting through our food – it seemed a genuine  extension of our need to care for the land and for ourselves. I believe what goes on the body is as important as what we put inside the body. Our fabrics are made from natural, noble fibres and will wear and age beautifully…each piece is made to last and each Collection evolves from the last so you will always find pieces to give new life to the last season.

Finally, are you planning to expand your lines in any further directions in the future?

For now we would like Bamford to be the destination Collection for women who want to wear good quality, sustainable and unique items which blend with their existing style. We want to concentrate on refining and perfecting these values and delivering that for our clients.


Once the Big Reveal had happened and we knew it was McQueen the fascination with the royal wedding dress didn’t stop, oh no! We wanted detail, intricate detail: the embroiderers with their gossamer rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock motifs, as small as a five pence piece, washing their hands every half hour to keep the lace pristine and changing their needles almost as often. We longed to see them at work, possibly with some dreamy romantic music on the soundtrack to keep the ambiance just right…  

Workshops are just so intriguing. These incredible places that make beautiful things by hand, using Hammers and Scalpels and Stitches to turn leathers into exquisite handbags.

We wanted to show you a little of what goes on behind the scenes at our designers’ workshops so we started by asking if the gorgeous Anya Sushko’s team could keep a photo diary of the making of the mini shoulder bag samples.

Here are some of our favourite pictures…

The Tools And Sewing Machine

Mixture of tools and compartments for the bag: metal ruler, owl, scalpel, leather loops with the rings and metal turn locks.

My favourite sewing machine, ADLER. All the items are stitched with help of this and other similar machines. This one is the best, Love it!

Hand-Cut Leather

All the leather and other parts of the bag are cut with scalpel by hand.

Adler In Action!

Hammering Holes

Hammering holes with hole puncher in order to attached little leather loops for the rings of the strap/chain.  

Inserting The Lock

Stitching in the label

The Finished Piece!

The Lovely Anya herself in situ…

Portrait: © Catch/Compose Photography