Article 22 founder Elizabeth Suda talks to LUX FIX about Project peaceBOMB, a jewellery collection upcycled from Vietnam War-era bombs that supports economic development and clearance of unexploded ordnance.


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    1969, John & Yoko’s 10-city War is Over Billboard Campaign

In the world’s version of history, the Vietnam War ended in 1975.  In the Laotian version, it continues, but even more hidden than before, as farmers farm and kids play on contaminated ground.

This is a story about the US’s Secret War against the rise of communism in Laos, which left it the most heavily bombed country per capita in history.

Thirty percent of the 260 million sub-munitions dropped from cluster bombs did not explode.  At the current rate of removal, it would take 800 years to clear Laos of its unexploded bombs.

Laos, 2010

This is a story about resourceful and enterprising Laotian farmer-artisans who, since the 1970s, have sought to rebuild using the remnants of war, transforming bombs to spoons.

Laos, 2010

This is a story about collaboration.

Today, ARTICLE 22 works with villagers, through the Swiss NGO Helvetas, to make bracelets that carry the legacy of our shared past and potential of our shared future.


                                                    Son of first spoon maker.  Laos, 2010

This is a story about us. And… if we want it… what we can do:

Buy back the bombs.

           Support artisans.

                 Raise awareness.

                        Share the story.

John & Yoko.

A little bit about us you wonder?

We grew up listening to the Beatles’ Revolution and Dad’s drinking anthem Give Peace a Chance.

This is my version of air guitar….

And this…this is just…my sister Wallis…


Liz x


In anticipation of this week’s Flash Event on LUX FIX – Twenty8Twelve’s heavenly silk scarf welcoming A/W 2011 into our lives and wardrobes – Savannah and Sienna Miller’s team gave us their mood boards for Autumn/Winter.

Blackwell Scarf Flash Event on LUX at 12pm (London) on Thursday.

You can see the monochromatic and graphic references to the cinematography of the period reflected in Josh Blackwell’s amazing piece of wearable art…



“Summer loving… happened so fast.”

“Did it?! When? I want some.”

“Well I can’t vouch for you wearing that, but what about a postcard from Bali from sibling jewellery team Zoe & Morgan (featuring on LUX FIX this week).” 

“Zoe & Morgan? I fell in love with Christina Hendricks in their amazing Cube bracelet just recently. I’d really love to take her to Bali.”

“I bet you would. Though I worry you might just steal the bracelet.”

Zoe & Morgan family snap – with sister Ruth, who manages the business

Q. What’s your earliest Bali memory?

A. We have travelled through Bali throughout our lives, as we grew up between the English countryside and the seashores of New Zealand, Bali has always been a perfect place to visit & relax en-route. We have seen drastic changes in Bali over the years as whole villages have now become one long shopping strip and massive luxury hotels have appeared on coast lines, however the traditions and rich culture have maintained their dignity.

My earliest memories of Bali are a combination of fascination & fear for a magic in the everyday lives of the Balinese. I have loads of memories attached to Bali as I have been there twice a year since the business started 5 years ago, and my first son Ace was born there in 2008.

Zoe and Morgan’s father was a jewellery designer too – known as The Silver Fox – is this the next generation?!

Q. Where did you stay the last time you were in Bali?

A. In Morgan’s house! I call it my house and my room! But it’s actually Morgan’s house and his spare bedroom is rather busy with visiting friends and family! Morgan lives just outside of Seminyak – on a lovely street alive at night with the sing-song of frogs from the surrounding rice paddies! 

Q. Where’s the first place you go on arriving back in Bali?

A. For a swim at Sentosa, followed by a massage at Jari Menari.

Q. Which Zoe & Morgan pieces do you rely on to take you through the night?

A. My double stacker of the poison ring and antique star ring made from 18-carat yellow gold and white sapphires.

I have an untraditional approach to jewellery and like to wear my favourite pieces ALL the time – they don’t just get pulled out of the jewellery box for special occasions.

Q. You’re at a beach club the next day. What are you wearing?

A. My cocktail rings, my cat flats and my silk jumpsuit.

Q. Finally, what advice do you have for Bali first timers?

A. Go to a Balinese temple, check out some of the traditional foods like ikan lilit – and try to mix up your visit with quiet beach time, and exploration of the restaurants and shopping. I don’t rate the nightlife in Bali, dinner parties and group breakfasts are a better way to socialize. 

Bali Sunset from Zoe’s Camera!

Lots of love,


Really why would you wear your heart on your sleeve, when you can say a demure Yes please in precious metal.

For our flash event on LUX FIX this week, we asked resident stylist Quin to style Zoe & Morgan’s classic art deco design in five different classic say YES situations. Now the question is what would You say to the following…

To a Bryan Ferry concert

To a 99 Flake

To Cocktails

To lunch with his mum

Heart and Key at the front, doesn’t she look sweet…

Though who’s that Yes for at the back?!

To A Sleepover (It’s been a long day)



Yunus & Eliza, winners of Designers of the Year at Treasure during London Jewellery Week 2011, talk to LUX FIX about their sumptuous and decadent creations…

Yunus & Eliza? They sound like an enchanting pair.”

“They met in a London Foundry – Yunus casting one of Eliza’s sculptures and captivating Eliza with the process, leading to a collaboration that has produced huge headpieces for rock stars and sculpture worn by supermodels.” 

“I must hear more.”

“Of course you must.  Let’s talk to them about the kind of magic that goes into their sculpture to be worn.”

Yunus and Eliza in their studio

Q. Your Goddess Pendant evokes the myth and mystical – one of the LUX FIX team (well me actually!) who had the chance to wear it said “It feels almost like an amulet” – what was the inspiration behind the piece?

A. We are inspired a lot by classical imagery, and were exploring the idea of the golden ratio, perfection in beauty, and had sculpted a little Aphrodite face. The Goddess emerged pretty organically, it was a process of taking away and revealing negative space – we are often concerned with fragments – and what isn’t there seems to hold a power. The crucifix ambiguity (this was accidental/ subconscious – it makes sense with our upbringings), lends the piece a feeling of protection but also darker undertones. We wanted to juxtapose a soft but hard beauty.


Q. More sorcery… You’ve just developed a piece for Bryan Singer’s latest filmic fairy tale “Jack the Giant Killer”- tell us about that?

A. We can’t give too much away at this point. We were working closely with Joanna Johnston, (the costume designer behind Back to the Future, The Sixth Sense, Valkyrie to name but a few) and she was great, very inspiring. It involved lots of design meetings, early morning trips out to Shepperton Studios, and fittings with Eleanor Tomlinson, who is playing the princess. The film is out in June 2012; we’re looking forward to seeing our creation on the big screen.

Q. How many pieces did you end up making in the end? A bit like the numerous pairs of Ruby Slippers Dorothy had at her disposal!

A. Yes exactly! It’s pretty significant from a plot point of view, so we had to make 3 real versions, and 2 stunt doubles.

Q. From magic to music – you’ve just made some serious headwear for the Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs “Trouble” music video (see below for the making of) – that looked fun! How did that come about?

A. We’d been planning to get Swarovski Elements sponsorship for a great project, and this seemed like the perfect excuse to go uber bling. Orlando from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is Eliza’s brother, so collaborating is easy and fun. He wore our headpiece ‘Cathedral To The Self’ in his video for “Garden” so was already a big fan, and we love his look and his tunes. The headpiece for Trouble was made with a twisted mythical futuristic creature in mind. We’ve also made him a bespoke electric green Goddess Pendant, which he rocks.

Epic headpiece to transform Orlando into a Modern warrior

Q. Yunus you recently said you would make a patriotic lion earing (eating his face) for David Beckham. Which musician would you most like to make a piece for and what would it be?

A. Hmm, tricky.  We’d love to have made something wild for David Byrne during his Talking Heads days. It would have to be for a real showman, like Prince, something huge, decadent and metamorphic, and possibly inspired by Hussein Chalayan’s Living Dress for Gaga.

Q. Yunus and Eliza is sculpture to be worn – what period or periods of sculpture are you most inspired by?

A. Greek, and Italian Renaissance, big time. Art Nouveau – especially the jewellery and furniture, the way everything twists and morphs into each other becoming surreal hybrid creatures.  The Surrealist and Futurist movements are very inspiring as is Gothic architecture; the roof tops of Oxford and London. Modern installation artists like Ed Kineholz, Christo, Polly Morgan and the wild imaginings of sculptures at Burning Man…Could go on and on..

Q. If you could magically have any work of art in your studio what would it be?

A. Eliza would like Bernini’s Daphne and Apollo, or, controversially, the Parthenon Marbles, er just a loan of course.

Yunus would like the Statue Of Liberty.

Q. Finally if you two love birds had access to any materials and all the time in the world – what would you make for each other?

A. Urgh, love birds!

Eliza – I would design Yunus a huge empty house that he can gradually fill with beautiful things. Also a golden cape to hit the town in.

Yunus – A life-size animatronic metal horse, that flies like Pegasus.

“Disco Horse” from last year’s collection