What is your inspiration?

It can come from anything I see, hear, read or touch. My inspirations are as eclectic as my interests and if you keep all your senses opened and honed things will just happen into your mind.

How would you describe the Theo Fennell woman and man?

I think they know their own mind and have their own sense of style and confidence. They appreciate design, originality and craftsmanship above just a brand.

I should like to have lunch with all of them!



Inspiration can be anything or anywhere that interests me and jolts me into design mode. I am always searching to create novel concepts. Anything that catches my eye I will then jot down and go back to the studio and draw up designs while the ideas are fresh.

Once I have my key piece, I can shape the rest of the collection around it.

What are your design signatures? 

Quirky innovative design using solely precious metal and gemstones, combined with colourful durable cord is the personality that Gina Stewart Cox has become known for.

How would you describe the Gina Stewart Cox woman/man?

gSc is a unisex brand, with jewellery designs that will appeal equally to both men and women.

She appreciates high quality, and looks for unique, sophisticated design with an edge. Her choice of clothing is fashionable, yet subtle, and is different from her friends.

He appreciates high quality and subtle branding. He is smart but not formal and likes attention to detail with a quirky edge.


“Stop! What’s that you have there in deep red? It looks like the kind of cool, utilitarian piece Steve McQueen would reach for right after his leather jacket.”

 “It’s from the Elvis and Kresse travel range. They use repurposed fire hose (and repurposed leather workers from luxury houses) to create pretty much indestructible accessories, lined in parachute silk. 50% of profits go straight to the Fire Fighters Charity.”

“Right on! Let’s hit the road with them and hear what goes on.”

Flash Event for Elvis & Kresse’s fire hose washbag on LUX-FIX.com on Thursday at 12 noon.

1. My favourite trip was… a TransAlp mountain bike adventure, starting in Austria and ending in Italy with Elvis and two great friends. We often made two mountain passes in a day, had to eat constantly just to keep going, swam in some incredible mountain lakes and really got to push ourselves.

2. And the worst was… a trade show on the outskirts of Paris, where I thought I finally might see Paris but ended up only seeing the French version of the NEC.

3. Travel essentials include… a passport, running kit and a toothbrush – our overnight bag is more like a weeks holiday bag for me!

4. My favourite travelling companion is… Elvis, but before I met him it was Chloe, they both know how to have a lot of fun and are 1000 times more organised than me.


5. And your favourite UK destination is… the Dorset Coast, where we live, there is still so much of it to explore. 

6. Design inspiration comes from… thinking of the things that we need, that we would use everyday, that won’t age, that are timeless.

7. Train, plane, boat, car, bike or foot…. Foot, then bike, then boat, then train, then car, then plane…

8. Finally, on the wish list to visit? My dream trip is a cross country trek, village to village, through Norway.

Images from Elvis & Kresse, Valle d’Aosta Tourism Board, Norweigan Tourism Board.