Blogger Musings From A London Mum Does Full Skirted Feminine

Meet Jemima Bradley of Musings from a London Mum. Jemima works as a creative consultant and muses on her blog about living in London with the Bradley bunch.

A mix of fashion, lifestyle and brilliant adventures to get up to in London with our family we love taking a sneak peak into this family’s life…

What is it about your outfit that makes you feel most comfortable?

I love the way this dress fits. It is so feminine and really swishes in a way that I used to love as little girl.

How would you define your style?
I am a bit of a chameleon to be honest. One day I like to feel very polished and put together and the next it may be floral dungarees with a cashmere t-shirt. I love clothes and playing dress up every day. Sometimes I get it right and other times not, but that is the fun of it all.

Can you remember your first item of clothing that made you feel like a grown up? What was it?
A pair of white jeans from the grown up section at Next. Total Fancy Pants. I wore them with wooden heel brogues pretty much every day for the Summer of 1995 with an oversized shirt accessorised with a handkerchief as a choker. Style epitomised.

Who do you look to for style inspiration?

I love they way the French dress, they always seem to get the low maintenance chic look nailed.

Do you have any major style faux pas?

Leggings. I really dislike leggings or and jeggings. Never ever ever are they going to work in my world.

Is there an piece of clothing you’ve always wanted to own? Why?

A Hermes Cape cod watch. I am saving up to buy it for myself. Girl Power.

Would you say you are a shoes or bag girl?

Can I have both? Now that I am a Mother I am more of a bag (lady). I actually sold so many of my designer shoes as I never wore them and invested to a pair of super flats. I hate the idea of saving things for best and just gathering dust. Clothes are meant to be worn.

Do you have an all time favourite style purchase?

My vintage pieces. They are all so unique and always add a little wow factor to a quite ordinary outfit.

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