Stylist Bay Garnett Shares Her Little Black Book Of London Thrifting

Leading style authority and thrift pioneer Bay Garnett shares her little black book of London thrifting with LUX FIX members. Contributing editor for Vogue, stylist, and muse (Chloe’s Bay bag is named after her), Bay also authored The Cheap Date Guide To Style.

tumblr m2om66tedY1qj3p0y Stylist Bay Garnett Shares Her Little Black Book Of London Thrifting

Erin O’Connor styled by Bay Garnett from Barney Clay video. Fashion: Vintage dress, bag and shoes by Louis Vuitton 

Good Morning Bay! What thrift-ing hotspots you can recommend in London?

Portobello market on a Friday morning I always love…that is my favourite.

Red Cross, 67 Old Church Street, Chelsea
Oxfam, 144 Notting Hill Gate, London
Red Cross, 85 Ebury St, Westminster
Traid, 119 King Street, Hammersmith

They are fantastic. Especially the Red Cross shops…

What are you wearing today and where is it from?

I’m wearing a denim skirt from Christian Lacroix and a second hand top that was  originally by Preen.

You have £100 to style an outfit where would you head to and what would you look for?

£100 gets two great bras, or I’d go to the market… If money were no issue I would get studded watch from Hermes, tie dye pony skin bag from Givenchy, wool biker from Louis Vuitton. Cardigan from Chanel. And the list goes on!

Do you have any pieces you find go with absolutely everything?

Yes: a great navy cashmere polo neck, (anything cashmere), a  great shirt. I suppose I’m turning into a boring cliche; the older I get, the more I stick to the classics. Quality and simplicity. Although I’m happy to say that I still always love and get so excited by that one off original and offbeat gem.

What are your thoughts on pieces to look out for this season?
I like the folky stuff I’ve seen – like flea market dresses. Always love a great coat. I actually love the pre-fall leopard print trainers from balanciaga – kind of mad and over the top, but also great. I love the spaghetti western style clothes at Hermes.

What would you recommend putting on for a hot (cheap!) date?

My style hardly changes at all. I just throw on a great jacket. A tuxedo, or I have this amazing Louis Vuitton one with studs on it that I love. I always think glamorous big earrings make me feel ready for a big night.