Actress Charlotte Asprey At Home

Actress Charlotte Asprey is funny, clever and  just gaaawgeous. We knocked on the door of her mews house to ask her about trouser suits, pixie boots and vintage Celine dresses.

If you had to list 3 must have items in your wardrobe what would they be?

My grape coloured leather jacket.  It was a sample that was never produced.  From Zadig and Voltaire many years ago. Black D-J trousers from Nanette Lapore about 9 years ago.  Classic, never out of fashion and so chic.  They have a very beautiful beaded button and stripes through the fabric. My grandmother’s vintage Celine dress.  It’s black and gold zigzags with a yellow lining.  I add a belt and it gives me a very bohemian, expressive air.  I love it.

Can you remember your first item of clothing that made you feel like a grown up? What was it?

Hmmm I think it was a Kookai tassel dress, in black.  I loved it. I still have it (though it’s indecently tight!)

Do you have any major style faux pas?

Ooh there is plenty of photographic evidence of me wearing a pale pink, matching trouser and sleeveless jacket with a zip, complete with pale grey pixie boots.  I loved it!  Admittedly it was the 80s so it was ‘of a time’ but looking at it now I ask my mother “How could you let me where that?”  “You were pretty adamant” she replies!

Is there an piece of clothing you’ve always wanted to own? Why?

No there’s not one thing i’ve always wanted to own, but I wouldn’t mind owning the Givenchy dress the great Cate Blanchett wore to the Oscars in 2011 – It’s pale lilac with yellow and lilac beading.  It’s very cool and she looked a million dollars in it.

Would you say you are a shoes or bag girl?

Shoes or bags hmmm.  I’m a little of both but neither to an addictive degree.

Do you have an all time favourite style purchase?

I love trouser suits.  I have an £18 black one from Asos which gets
more compliments than anything!



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