Anya’s Workshop – The Story of The Mini Shoulder Bag

Once the Big Reveal had happened and we knew it was McQueen the fascination with the royal wedding dress didn’t stop, oh no! We wanted detail, intricate detail: the embroiderers with their gossamer rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock motifs, as small as a five pence piece, washing their hands every half hour to keep the lace pristine and changing their needles almost as often. We longed to see them at work, possibly with some dreamy romantic music on the soundtrack to keep the ambiance just right…  

Workshops are just so intriguing. These incredible places that make beautiful things by hand, using Hammers and Scalpels and Stitches to turn leathers into exquisite handbags.

We wanted to show you a little of what goes on behind the scenes at our designers’ workshops so we started by asking if the gorgeous Anya Sushko’s team could keep a photo diary of the making of the mini shoulder bag samples.

Here are some of our favourite pictures…

The Tools And Sewing Machine

Mixture of tools and compartments for the bag: metal ruler, owl, scalpel, leather loops with the rings and metal turn locks.

My favourite sewing machine, ADLER. All the items are stitched with help of this and other similar machines. This one is the best, Love it!

Hand-Cut Leather

All the leather and other parts of the bag are cut with scalpel by hand.

Adler In Action!

Hammering Holes

Hammering holes with hole puncher in order to attached little leather loops for the rings of the strap/chain.  

Inserting The Lock

Stitching in the label

The Finished Piece!

The Lovely Anya herself in situ…

Portrait: © Catch/Compose Photography