Behind The Scenes with Clothing and Handbag Designer Sara Berman

What are you inspired by?

It’s the end of the Sixties and it’s summertime. The evenings are long and balmy and Mademoiselle Sara Berman likes to kick off her chunky heels under the shade of a big oak tree in any one of the London parks. She feels swept up in the mood of bohemian change – and her clothes reflect this, they are loose, they are lacy and of course, they are full of whimsical charm. Of course, being Sara Berman there is a rock and roll edge in studded and fringed leather jackets, leather shirts and bags move from lady-like-chic to slung across the body hobos.

What are your design signatures?

The label is known for many little design quirks whether that’s bows, frills or fringing but lately more and more people are coming to us for our studding and liberal use of leopard print on everything from handbags to jackets!

How would you describe the Sara Berman woman?

While the Sara Berman woman takes her fashion seriously she is not a serious girl – she loves adding that playful edge with a bow or a peek of leopard print. She is fabulously feminine at heart, yet isn’t afraid to embrace the rock n’ roll chick within with a pair of skinny leather pants.