Behind The Scenes with Duppoini

What are you inspired by?

Kate was brought up living in the exotic locations of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea where she developed a lifelong love and curiosity for nature and in particular silk and the mystery of metamorphosis – a single thread from a cocoon producing one of the most luxurious and ancient fabrics in the world. Duppoini silk fabric is known for its luxury and excellent drape.

Her vivid memories are the inspiration for the collection which have been interpreted through detailed sketches by Polina Gineva, the ex-Alexander McQueen designer responsible for those infamous and iconic skull scarves.

What are your design signatures?

Duppoini’s signature designs are ‘The Gem Bugs’: The bug of Good Luck, Scarab Bugs, inspired by the composition of a Gem Stone leading to a stunning fashion led design.

How would you describe the Duppoini woman?

The Duppoini woman is a fun and sophisticated lady who appreciates quality and uniqueness.