Christmas with… Emma Franklin

What’s your secret tip or recipe for the Christmas season?

EF: Hot cider, every time.

If I was a billionaire I would give my other half/mum/best friend this Christmas…

EF: Boyfriend – a gold-plated tandem bicycle so we could cycle to Paris and live there, oh and a beach in Morocco – why not, it would be amazing!

Parents – a beautiful house, they live on a boat and travel all over but i think they wouldn’t mind a home at some stage.

For a Christmas Eve extravaganza, I would want my fairy godmother to bring me the following outfit…

EF: Any of Mungo Gurney’s pieces, he’s blown me away with his first collection.

I would like to find the following person under the mistletoe…(from any time or place – LUX FIX time machine at your service).

EF: Jeff Buckley

Finally Christmas just isn’t Christmas until I hear…

EF: The rustling of the first little treat my mother puts in my string of advent stockings, she has always done this and i think will for ever, she has never missed a year even from the other side of the world.