Spotlight on Raishma Dresses

Fusing East and West fashion designer Raishma Islam has created her own unique aesthetic; her pieces combine up to date silhouettes with exquisite and luxurious embroidery. Her dresses are feminine, effortlessly stylish and utterly unique; these are dresses that stand out from the crowd, that make a statement without being too flashy or inappropriate. Raishma’s deigns range from the glamorous, eye catching and fun to the restrained and ladylike; whatever you are looking for in dress Raishma can probably provide it. These are, in essence, dresses that strike a perfect balance between opulence, tradition and modern day style.

Raishma creates dresses for the office, the bar and special occasions; though her dresses differ in function they all share the same penchant for tasteful decoration. Raishma’s uses a varied colour palette but utilises gold and white embroidery over and over again which adds to the luxurious and attractive nature of her work. None of Raishma’s designs could be described as dull yet this is not difficult ‘out there’ fashion but rather striking and wearable clothing. Making use of stunning embroidery, attractive patterns and opulent embellishment Raishma ensures that her dresses certainly stand out from the crowd; these are dresses designed to entice and delight.  All of her designs share this luxurious feel but they also come with an affordable price tag making this sumptuous clothing that will not break the bank. In addition each of Raishma’s creations is imbued with an effortless, almost enviable, elegance and femininity; simply put this is clothing designed to make women look and feel good.

Raishma Islam is, essentially, a designer that provides the style conscious woman with lavish but accessible clothing. Raishma’s pieces are wonderfully luxurious and unique yet they are designed to be worn, with ease, on a frequent basis. This is, in short, clothing intended to add a little luxury glamour to a woman’s day to day life and for that Raishma should be applauded.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Fred’s Shoes

Created by footwear designer Vic Butt Fred’s Shoes is a brand that produces simple yet stylish Oxford Shoes. The label’s versatile shoes are easy to wear, comfortable and chic; these are flats that will go with almost anything in your wardrobe. With high heels no longer being a fashion must-have and ballet pumps beginning to look a bit dated Fred’s Oxford shoes would make a great investment. These are timeless, good quality shoes that will never really go out of style; shoes that combine both practicality and comfort with classic design. These are, in essence, stylish, straightforward shoes for everyday life.

Handmade in Portugal Fred’s Shoes products are beautifully made without being too luxurious or over the top. These are durable shoes you can wear on a daily basis rather than shoes that have to be hidden away for special occasions. All the brand’s shoes stick to the same classic design giving each of their shoes an iconic feel yet the label also carefully selects the right materials to give their designs a current feel. Dark blue and green suede and even leopard print subtly add interest and a contemporary air to Fred’s Shoes pieces. The result is footwear that appears both timeless and up to date; these are Oxfords that can easily be matched with the latest compatible fashions but that will also outlast them.

The simplicity, timeless style and up to date feel of the brand’s designs means that Fred’s Shoe pieces are extremely versatile. A pair of Fred’s Shoes’ Oxfords could be paired with a dress, jeans or even tailoring. These are shoes you could wear on a weekday or a weekend, in the office or on your day off. Fred’s Shoes creations may not be glamorous or make a dramatic statement but they are perfect for coping with the rigours of daily life.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Winser London’s New Collection

Winser London is a womenswear brand for women in search of pieces that last longer than one season. Putting quality and timeless style before trendiness Winser London employ the very best design talent to create excellent quality clothing that women can wear again and again. This is mature and classic yet relaxed clothing for women with their own sense of style. Ideal for the workplace and beyond Winser’s clothing is functional, stylish and intelligent; this is well considered clothing designed to fit into a modern, style savvy wardrobe. Luxurious but accessible Winser London is the brand for the busy, style conscious professional; in short this is chic, functional everyday wear for women of all shapes and sizes.

Winser London’s latest collection sticks to the brand’s trademark relaxed aesthetic; silk tunics, long soft cashmere knits and versatile LBDs all make for a collection chock full of investment pieces. This is a label that likse to keep things simple; detailing, loud colours and eccentric prints are nowhere to be found in Winser’s designs. This is clothing that is content being quietly brilliant rather than showy. Winser London’s paired down style also ensures that their pieces will last well beyond this season; this is not clothing to be worn once and then consigned to the back of the cupboard instead these are good quality wardrobe staples designed to remain current for years to come. In essence Winser create well-designed, luxurious and versatile basics that can be styled in a variety of ways; this is clothing to be layered up, mixed and matched, dressed up or down.

Rarely is womenswear straightforward, fuss free and stylish; women often find themselves having to choose between practical, ‘sensible’ pieces and chic luxury. Winser London, however, somehow manage to make ‘sensible’ sexy, to make relaxed clothing unbelievably chic. In short Winser London is brand that expertly combines form with function to create clothing that any woman would be more than proud to have in her wardrobe.

-Hannah Balsdon     

Spotlight on Lagom’s New Collection

Taking its name from a Swedish word meaning “just right” Lagom is a brand dedicated to creating clothing that is “just so”. This is a brand that puts the wearer first; that focuses on creating balanced clothing that women can love. Up to date but not trend led Lagom’s pieces are feminine yet wearable and designed to make women look and feel their best. This is unique clothing that perfectly balances retro influences with modern design. As a result Lagom’s pieces possess a ladylike elegance but also a modernity that allows them to slot neatly into a contemporary wardrobe. This is clothing that makes the wearer feel like a women but that is not old fashioned, kitsch or dull.  Lagom, in essence, create clothing for the style conscious rather than the fashion obsessed.

Lagom keeps its collections small and focused; rather than creating collections twice a year the brand updates its small offering several times over the course of a year providing the customer with both choice and an air of exclusivity. The label’s prices, however, do not at all prohibitive making this a brand that anyone can buy into. The label’s dresses are, of course, effortlessly feminine and elegant yet Lagom create chic separates with equal ease; this is a brand with which you could stick your entire wardrobe. Lagom’s aesthetic is vintage inspired but certainly not pastiche or backward looking rather the brand takes classic styles and silhouettes and gives them a contemporary makeover. This eclectic blend of the past and present imbues Lagom’s designs with an eccentric but classic quality. Bright and colourful the brand’s designs are anything but boring yet they are also easy to wear and relatively fuss free.

Lagom seem to have managed the impossible in that they create clothing that is unique without being over the top, of good quality and exclusive whilst still affordable and that is, most impressively, full of retro charm yet still modern and stylish. Lagom truly do create clothing that is “just right”.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Seven Boot Lane’s AW14 Collection

Created in 2012 as an antidote to today’s throw away culture shoe brand Seven Boot Lane create rugged yet stylish boots and shoes that are designed to last well beyond this season. Carefully crafted by experienced Spanish leather workers the brand’s shoes are contemporary, durable and just a little bit rock and roll. Seven Boot Lane’s boots are ideal for travel and adventure yet they would look equally stylish on the city streets. These are boots for true boot connoisseurs; for shoe lovers who prise both style and practicality. With summer drawing to a close, autumn beginning and winter on the horizon now is the time to put away the sandals and invest in a pair of hardworking but handsome boots.

Seven Boot Lane’s new collection features a selection of ruggedly attractive boots and shoes that would perfectly compliment many a rebellious but modern wardrobe. The brand has an undeniably appealing worn, well travelled aesthetic; Seven Boot Lane do for the humble boot what Diesel did for denim. These are boots designed to be lived in, to be worn again and again; to get better with age. With this in mind the brand’s AW14 collection is free from delicate high heeled ‘booties’ instead opting for durable leather  ankle boots, suede flats and boyish brogues. The brand’s signature boots range from cowboy inspired ankle boots to the positively modish Chelsea boots to the effortlessly rock and roll bikers. These are boots to worn with blue jeans rather than feminine dresses; these are definitely not shoes for the office but boots for the mean city streets.

Seven Boot Lane do not make shoes to be worn for one season then discarded rather they create boots and shoes that will look as good in a year’s time as they do now. Uncompromising and rough Seven Boot Lane’s designs may not seem like natural investment pieces but look beyond their rugged exterior and you will find durable, modern and versatile shoes that would be an asset to any fashionable shoe collection.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Body Frock

Womenswear brand Body Frock carefully engineers each of their dresses to enhance the female form. This is feminine clothing that not only looks amazing but also empowers the wearer with each Body Frock dress being designed to instantly boost one’s confidence. Stylish and effortlessly chic Body Frock’s garments are contemporary without being too trendy; this is clothing that looks up to date and yet also has a classic timeless quality. These are pieces that, according to the brand’s artistic director Melanie Davis, “women want to put on and men want to take off; now what woman wouldn’t find such a boast utterly intriguing?

Body Frock has an elegant but unashamedly sensuous aesthetic; this is sexy but refined clothing for sophisticated women. Lace and sheer panels pop up again and again further imparting a distinctly feminine sensuality whilst the brand’s figure hugging silhouettes are utterly irresistible. Whilst sensuous and undeniably feminine Body Frock’s dresses are also perfectly contemporary; these are clothes that would work in the office and in the bar. Body Frock’s designs are smart and sexy but wearable and modern; this is clothing for confident modern women who feel comfortable in their own skin.

The brand’s current collection features its trademark sensuous silhouettes and lace detailing as well as an attractive dark palette. Body Frock are masters of the Little Black Dress and their collection features several beautifully sexy and stylish black dresses. These dresses that would look as good at work as they would at a cocktail party making them ideal for the autumn/winter party season. Yet, free from transient trends, Body Frock’s pieces also possess a certain durability; these are dresses that will look just as stylish in a year’s time as they do today.

Few brands put as much effort into flattering and enhancing the female form as Body Frock. This is brand that focuses not on making beautiful dresses but instead on making dresses that make you beautiful. In short Body Frock is dedicated to creating clothes that make women look and feel incredible.

- Hannah Balsdon

Spolight on Komodo’s New Collection

Born out of a love of travel and strict ethical principles Komodo aspires not only to be a clothing label but rather a lifestyle brand fulfilling the needs of a well-travelled but ethically aware clientèle. This is a brand committed fair trade; a clothing company that strives to provide good conditions and a living wage for its workers and that also tries to make environmentally friendly choices. All this is laudable but Komodo know that fashion is a business and with that in mind the brand focuses on creating good quality clothes first and on being eco-warriors second. The result is stylish, modern clothing that looks good but that is, courtesy of the brand’s ethical ideals, completely guilt free. Inspired by its founder’s backpacking days Komodo’s clothes are ideal for international adventures but their pieces are also fit for day to day life. at home too. Unrestricted, fuss free and functional this is clothing for the free spirited but practical modern day bohemian.

Komodo has a distinctly relaxed aesthetic and their current womenswear collection continues in this vein. Komodo uses not only the most ethical fabric but also the most tactile giving their garments a unique look and feel. Simple but chic Komodo’s pieces are feminine and up to date but also straightforward and easy to wear. This is clothing that can be easily layered up or styled for a variety of different situations. A Komodo dress could be worn to the office or on the weekend. The brand’s designs have a laid back organic feel and yet are not too twee or ‘alternative’; these are clothes that would not look out of place in many a contemporary wardrobe.  Yet unlike much of clothing on the high street Komodo’s clothes are refreshingly free of trends making them an excellent choice for those tired of cheap, fast, fashion. In short Komodo is not just a brand of eco-warriors and ethical fashion fans; rather it is simply a brand that creates stylish, relaxed clothing for everyone.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on British Brazilian

Founded by entrepreneur Anna Moody British Brazilian is a womenswear brand dedicated to creating fuss free, no-nonsense tailored clothing. Born out of Moody’s own desire for clothing that met her own personal needs, British Brazilian has grown into a brand that creates clothing that women just love to wear. The brand focuses on creating beautiful, effortlessly stylish clothes that do not go out of fashion. This is clothing for strong, confident working women who need garments that fit their busy lifestyle. This is perfectly formed, smart, professional office and work wear. British Brazilian’s pieces may be made for the boardroom but they are also designed to flatter the wearer and enhance the female form; this is, in essence, clothing that looks good and makes you look great.

British Brazilian’s signature aesthetic is unmistakably businesslike; this is clothing for busy, professional women and it does not attempt to hide that fact. Smart tailored separates and feminine but functional dresses all make for a collection ideal for any office environment. British Brazilian seems to be committed to providing dynamic women with the perfect work wardrobe. The brand’s pieces are straightforward and free of over the top detailing yet they are also designed to subtly accentuate the female form. This is not formless, androgynous clothing but elegant, refined womenswear. British Brazilian do not set out to empower the wearer by making them look masculine rather their clothes make the female form appear strong and dynamic in its own right.

Smart, dynamic and stylish British Brazilian’s clothes are ideal for rofessional women of all shapes, sizes and even ages. Many women view clothing as a sort of armour protecting them from the trials and tribulations of modern life. With this in mind, British Brazilian creates impenetrable armour that empowers women in their daily working lives.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on HW2

Founded by designers Angie Bradley and Estelle Bloomfield HW2 is a womenswear brand that creates fluid, easy to wear garments. Often made using pre-shrunk viscose HW2’S pieces are not only comfortable and practical but also stylish and mature.  This is fuss free straightforward clothing that is, nevertheless, designed to make the wearer look fantastic. Elegant and classic HW2’s clothes are ideal for women of all shapes and sizes; this is, in essence, breezy, cosy clothing that many a woman could wear with ease. In short if you are looking for functional but stylish clothing to see you through autumn HW2 could just be the brand for you.

HW2 have a distinctly laid back aesthetic; their silhouettes are flowing rather than fitted and the brand’s choice of materials further adds to the unrestricted feel of their pieces. This laid back relaxed clothing with an elegant edge; HW2 aims for paired down luxury rather than all out cosiness. Comfortable their clothes may be but HW2’s designs are still a world away from the baggy sweat pants and Ugg boots that dominate the high street today. This is clothing that could be worn around the house but that also could be styled up for the office. HW2’s pieces are designed to be layered up making them ideal for autumn dressing. These are flexible garments that, with a little creative styling, could be worn all year round. Whilst not exactly wardrobe staples HW2’s clothes could easily become go-to favourites for their owners.

HW2’s uncomplicated clothing is ideal for women with a relaxed but elegant and mature style; these are clothes that require little or no effort and yet manage to be undeniably stylish.  Many brands try to design clothes that women want to wear but HW2 seem committed to designing clothes that women actually can wear, and wear, with pride.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Marshall Bergman

Founded way back in 1890 by Sarak Bergman Marshall Bergman has long been a name synonymous with stylish, functional leather goods. Drawing on decades of leather expertise the brand has, in recent years, turned its attention to creating bags that are designed to protect today’s fragile technological devices, be they phones, tablets or laptops. In 2011 Marshall Bergman began an exclusive collaboration with Apple which has established them as pioneers in premium, practical bags. The brand’s almost unrivalled combination of luxury leather expertise and functional modern design makes their products must-haves for the tech savvy but aesthetically aware. These are bags for those who appreciate opulent, stylish handbags and yet also require a bag that can cope with today’s technology dependent world. A Marshall Bergman bag is perfectly equipped to carry all the paraphernalia of modern life but it carries it in style.

All crafted from premium quality Italian leather Marshall Bergman’s bags stick to simple classic designs; satchels, totes and clutches all look just as stylish as many a office appropriate bag. The differences between Marshall Bergman and other brands, however, become apparent when you open the bags up. The interior of each Marshall Bergman bag is definitely designed with the contemporary user in mind with the brand including clever compartments or spaces for everything from iPhones to laptops. With a Marshall Bergman bag you do not need to worry about the safety of your favourite device; you do not have to root around your bag looking for your phone or question your bags ability to carry your laptop or tablet. If you are after a bag that both looks the part and fits your daily lifestyle Marshall Bergman is the brand for you. These are, in essence, bags designed to fit the requirements and, perhaps even dreams, of the busy modern professional.

-Hannah Balsdon