Spotlight on The British Flat Shoe Company

The British Flat Shoe Company is a UK based brand with a very clear message; simply put they are passionate about British manufacturing and British jobs. The brand endeavours to provide style conscious consumers with attractive, good quality shoes. All their shoes are made in Northampton, which has been at the centre of British shoe manufacturing for centuries. Drawing on this heritage and an eye for good design the British Flat Shoe Company create stylish flats that women can wear with pride. Comfortable, practical but above all fashionable the brand’s shoes would make a great addition to any shoe closet.

The British Flat Shoe Company likes to keep things simple; their British made flats are straightforward, fuss free and easy to wear. Not quite ballet pumps and not quite slippers these are shoes designed to outlast the whims of fast fashion; BFSC shoes may be stylish but they are also durable. Their unique aesthetic also imbues the shoes with a versatility characteristic of a good pair of flats; these are shoes that would look equally stylish teamed with jeans, a smart office ensemble or a pretty, feminine dress. In addition each of the British Flat Shoe Company’s shoes comes with in-build padding in the heel to ensure comfort; this is not footwear that you will curse at the end of the day but rather shoes that you will be more than happy to put on in the morning.

Everyone likes fun, flashy heels but in reality we all need shoes that can cope with the rigours of daily life. The British Flat Shoe Company produces just such footwear; their shoes are accessible, comfy and durable. They may not be quite as showy as some shoes but they are, in their own way, equally as stylish and far more robust. In short, buying a pair of BFSC flats is an investment, not just in good quality footwear but also in British industry and ingenuity.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Brit Stitch

After seeing an old milkman’s cash bag British leather goods brand Brit Stitch decided to bring the vintage bag into the 21st century. Brit Stitch’s milkman inspired pieces are functional, colourful and even fun. Quintessentially British in design the brand’s bags are all made of the finest leather and are carefully stitched together in the UK. The label’s bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes making them ideal for women, men and children; whether you are looking to lug around a laptop or just your keys and phone Brit Stitch have a bag for you. By combining vintage designs with up to date colour schemes and styling Brit Stitch’s satchels give a differential nod to the past but have their feet firmly in the present.

Brit Stitch have four main designs; the Full Pint, the Milkman, the Half Pint and the Mini Milkman. The Full Pint is a roomy, sophisticated satchel, perfect for carrying books, tablets and all your daily essentials, this is a bag for work, for students and for those on the go. The Milkman is the brand’s signature piece and, whilst smaller than the Full Pint, it would make an excellent daytime handbag; simply put the Milkman is just the right size to cope with the demands of everyday life. The Half Pint has a more bijou but nevertheless stylish design; this is a bag created with the modern style conscious bag lover in mind and would compliment many an on-trend outfit. The brand’s smallest bag is the Mini Milkman; with its tiny proportions and wrist strap this fashionable little number would make a great daytime clutch or even a wallet. In addition to their core designs Brit Stitch have also created a range of practical backpacks; like Brit Stitch’s other designs these bags combine both form and function making them utterly irresistible.

Satchels have dominated the handbag scene for quite a while now and for good reason; a good satchel is the ultimate combination of style and practically. Yet not all vintage inspired satchels are created equal; unlike many a high street approximation Brit Stitch’s bags have a truly British heritage and a unique aesthetic. In short these are bags with heart.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Duke and Dexter

Duke and Dexter is brand born out of a love for traditional velvet slippers and a determination to strip them of their pretentions and inflated price tags. Drawing on inspiration from around the world the brand’s stylish slippers are both classic and contemporary. These are comfy shoes for those who value quality and are more interested in channelling their own style than following fashion trends. Casual and accessible yet also luxurious and iconic Duke and Dexter’s slippers are modern classics and could easily become wardrobe staples. In short these are unique, relaxed and stylish shoes designed to last for seasons to come.

Fuss free and unpretentious like all good slippers Duke and Dexter’s creations are designed to be just slipped on which makes them ideal for casual offices and lazy weekends. In addition, by taking note of current colour trends the brand manages to create shoes which a contemporary edge. This season this translates into vivid camouflage prints and star covered designs. Yet whilst they give a nod to long term trends for the most part Duke and Dexter’s slippers are incredibly reserved and classic giving them a certain durability and practicality; these are shoes you could find yourself wearing for years to come. These are, in essence, shoes that provide the wearer with almost endless styling opportunities; these are slippers that could be paired with relaxed tailoring or casual denim, with a feminine skirt or masculine trousers.

Flats are very much the shoes of the moment and Duke and Dexter flat slippers are simply ideal for anyone looking for a stylish but wearable flat. Unfussy and accessible these shoes posses everything a good velvet slipper should without an exorbitant price tag or pretentious detailing. These are simple, straightforward slippers and that is what makes them so utterly irresistible.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Almost Famous

Eclectic British brand Almost Famous was founded in 2002; since then the brand has gone from strength to strength and now stocked in boutiques throughout the country. Almost Famous’ creations are stylish, contemporary and utterly fabulous; these are chic clothes designed to make a statement. Utilising everything from sumptuously boho prints to on-trend embellishment Almost Famous creates clothes with a modern but luxurious and relaxed air. This is clothing for modern, free spirited women who like to stand out from the crowd; women who love to make an impression whether they are in the office or at a party. In essence Almost Famous is a brand that fuses unique, sometimes even idiosyncratic, design with a fabulously fashionable outlook.

Almost Famous’ current collection includes fashionable tops, stylish winter coats, party ready footwear and irresistible dresses. For this brand its luxuriously attractive dresses are always a key part of every collection and this season is no exception. Featuring vibrant colours and stunning prints Almost Famous’ dresses are showstoppers making them ideal for the Christmas part season. Whether you opt for one of the brand’s ultra feminine maxi dresses, eye-catching little red numbers or fuss free mini dresses you are bound to make a splash at any occasion. Almost Famous’ designs are always striking but they manage to remain effortlessly stylish; this is not over the top ‘out there’ fashion rather the label’s pieces radiate an opulent and elegant beauty. Fabulous the brand’s designs may be but they are also tasteful and accessible enough to wear on a daily basis.

In short Almost Famous produce clothing for those who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd but want to look stylish whilst they do so.  Lavish yet wearable these are clothes that could add a touch of glamour to even the most miserable winter day.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Lucy Choi

London based footwear brand Lucy Choi is dedicated to providing women with well crafted, even luxurious shoes that do not cost a small fortune. The brand expertly mixes both high end and high street style to create shoes that would fit into the wardrobe and shoe collection of many a modern style conscious woman. Lucy Choi pay as much attention to comfort of their shoes as they do to their design making these desirable, up to date shoes that any woman could wear with ease. High end footwear can often seem rather exclusive and inaccessible to the woman on the street but Lucy Choi manages to find a middle ground designing shoes that certainly look the part but come without the discomfort and expense of your average luxury pair of heels.

Lucy Choi’s designs are eclectic and varied; whatever the outfit or occasion this is brand that probably has a shoe to match. Whilst not particularly kooky or over the top the label’s shoes have, nevertheless, a unique charm and individuality. All Lucy Choi’s shoes are incredibly feminine; this is not a brand that does androgynous, instead the label sticks to elegant, feminine styles. Lucy Choi’s shoes may be affordable but they are definitely a cut above the footwear commonly found on the high street. The brand’s shoes are not as achingly trendy as those produced by other footwear labels but they do keep abreast of current trends making them ideal for those who do not slavishly follow fashion but who still want to look on-trend and current.

Scouring the high street or internet for the perfect pair of shoes can be a frustrating process, Lucy Choi, however, is a brand committed to taking the hassle out of shoe shopping. The brand is, in essence a one-stop-shop for those in search of good quality, on trend and affordable footwear. The perfect outfit deserves the perfect pair of heels and, when you are looking for that ideal pair of shoes, Lucy Choi should be your first port of call.

-Hannah Balsdon

For Us Ladies on The Go: Winser Has The Solution

For the modern woman with a busy schedule getting an outfit just right can be a tricky business. Every woman wants to look her best but in today’s hectic world we also need functional clothes that can cope with the pressures of daily life. Clothes that can be mixed and matched, that look stylish but last for longer than one season. Enter Winser, a London based brand committed to providing professional women with a wardrobe that both looks incredible and suits their day to day needs. Winser’s pieces are versatile, stylish and functional; these are clothes that designed to take you from the school run to the office and from the office to the bar.

If you are looking for a few key garments to pep up your wardrobe this autumn then Winser is the ideal brand to visit to create a capsule wardrobe. You could start, for instance, with Winser’s new Merino Colour Block Dress; this contemporary piece has all the tailored elegance of a classic mod dress but all the comfort of knitwear. This attractive but restrained day dress would be perfect for a casual office environment and is certainly comfortable enough to get you through a stressful day at work.

hd Colour Block Dress Winser London For Us Ladies on The Go: Winser Has The Solution

Merino Colour Block Dress by Winser London

Next if you are looking to add a little touch of sensuality to your autumn ensembles try the brand’s form fitting Sleeveless Draped Jersey Dress. Elegant and flattering this LBD nails the difficult ‘smart-casual’ dress code making it perfect for many an occasion from cocktail parties to family gatherings to work outings. Flattering it may be but this dress also provides a blank canvass for all your accessories; this is a dress that will go perfectly with your most glamorous statement necklace, favourite evening clutch or most beloved pair of heels.

hd Sleeveless Draped Jersey Dress Winder London For Us Ladies on The Go: Winser Has The Solution

Sleeveless Draped Jersey Dress by Winser London

Winser are masters at creating classic versatile pieces so it is no wonder that their LBDs are utterly irresistible. If you are looking for a ‘go-to’ LBD this autumn try the brand’s aptly named Simple Black Dress. This attractive shift dress has everything an LBD should have and more; it is classic but also contemporary, feminine but fuss-free. This is dress designed to become a wardrobe staple, in fact this may just be the ultimate Little Black Dress.

hd Simple Black Dress Winser London For Us Ladies on The Go: Winser Has The Solution

Simple Black Dress by Winser London

Lastly, to complete your Winser capsule wardrobe check out the label’s effortlessly chic Midnight Milano Blazer. This stylish jacket would fit seamlessly into many a modern wardrobe and presents a wealth of styling options. This is a blazer that could be worn as part of a tailored professional ensemble or thrown on over jeans. This jacket could keep you nice and warm in mild autumnal weather before being layered up under a winter coat during the cold months. In addition, like the brand’s Marino Colour Block Dress, this smart blazer has all the comfort of knitwear making it more like a snug cardigan than austere tailored jacket. This blazer is, in essence, a great autumn investment.

hd Milano Blazer Black Winser For Us Ladies on The Go: Winser Has The Solution

Midnight Milano Blazer by Winser London

With a capsule Winser autumnal dressing need not be an ordeal; indeed with a few cleverly designed, chic Winser pieces your outfit woes will soon become a thing of the past. In short Winser really does have the solution to your daily style dilemmas.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Raishma Dresses

Fusing East and West fashion designer Raishma Islam has created her own unique aesthetic; her pieces combine up to date silhouettes with exquisite and luxurious embroidery. Her dresses are feminine, effortlessly stylish and utterly unique; these are dresses that stand out from the crowd, that make a statement without being too flashy or inappropriate. Raishma’s deigns range from the glamorous, eye catching and fun to the restrained and ladylike; whatever you are looking for in dress Raishma can probably provide it. These are, in essence, dresses that strike a perfect balance between opulence, tradition and modern day style.

Raishma creates dresses for the office, the bar and special occasions; though her dresses differ in function they all share the same penchant for tasteful decoration. Raishma’s uses a varied colour palette but utilises gold and white embroidery over and over again which adds to the luxurious and attractive nature of her work. None of Raishma’s designs could be described as dull yet this is not difficult ‘out there’ fashion but rather striking and wearable clothing. Making use of stunning embroidery, attractive patterns and opulent embellishment Raishma ensures that her dresses certainly stand out from the crowd; these are dresses designed to entice and delight.  All of her designs share this luxurious feel but they also come with an affordable price tag making this sumptuous clothing that will not break the bank. In addition each of Raishma’s creations is imbued with an effortless, almost enviable, elegance and femininity; simply put this is clothing designed to make women look and feel good.

Raishma Islam is, essentially, a designer that provides the style conscious woman with lavish but accessible clothing. Raishma’s pieces are wonderfully luxurious and unique yet they are designed to be worn, with ease, on a frequent basis. This is, in short, clothing intended to add a little luxury glamour to a woman’s day to day life and for that Raishma should be applauded.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Fred’s Shoes

Created by footwear designer Vic Butt Fred’s Shoes is a brand that produces simple yet stylish Oxford Shoes. The label’s versatile shoes are easy to wear, comfortable and chic; these are flats that will go with almost anything in your wardrobe. With high heels no longer being a fashion must-have and ballet pumps beginning to look a bit dated Fred’s Oxford shoes would make a great investment. These are timeless, good quality shoes that will never really go out of style; shoes that combine both practicality and comfort with classic design. These are, in essence, stylish, straightforward shoes for everyday life.

Handmade in Portugal Fred’s Shoes products are beautifully made without being too luxurious or over the top. These are durable shoes you can wear on a daily basis rather than shoes that have to be hidden away for special occasions. All the brand’s shoes stick to the same classic design giving each of their shoes an iconic feel yet the label also carefully selects the right materials to give their designs a current feel. Dark blue and green suede and even leopard print subtly add interest and a contemporary air to Fred’s Shoes pieces. The result is footwear that appears both timeless and up to date; these are Oxfords that can easily be matched with the latest compatible fashions but that will also outlast them.

The simplicity, timeless style and up to date feel of the brand’s designs means that Fred’s Shoe pieces are extremely versatile. A pair of Fred’s Shoes’ Oxfords could be paired with a dress, jeans or even tailoring. These are shoes you could wear on a weekday or a weekend, in the office or on your day off. Fred’s Shoes creations may not be glamorous or make a dramatic statement but they are perfect for coping with the rigours of daily life.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Winser London’s New Collection

Winser London is a womenswear brand for women in search of pieces that last longer than one season. Putting quality and timeless style before trendiness Winser London employ the very best design talent to create excellent quality clothing that women can wear again and again. This is mature and classic yet relaxed clothing for women with their own sense of style. Ideal for the workplace and beyond Winser’s clothing is functional, stylish and intelligent; this is well considered clothing designed to fit into a modern, style savvy wardrobe. Luxurious but accessible Winser London is the brand for the busy, style conscious professional; in short this is chic, functional everyday wear for women of all shapes and sizes.

Winser London’s latest collection sticks to the brand’s trademark relaxed aesthetic; silk tunics, long soft cashmere knits and versatile LBDs all make for a collection chock full of investment pieces. This is a label that likse to keep things simple; detailing, loud colours and eccentric prints are nowhere to be found in Winser’s designs. This is clothing that is content being quietly brilliant rather than showy. Winser London’s paired down style also ensures that their pieces will last well beyond this season; this is not clothing to be worn once and then consigned to the back of the cupboard instead these are good quality wardrobe staples designed to remain current for years to come. In essence Winser create well-designed, luxurious and versatile basics that can be styled in a variety of ways; this is clothing to be layered up, mixed and matched, dressed up or down.

Rarely is womenswear straightforward, fuss free and stylish; women often find themselves having to choose between practical, ‘sensible’ pieces and chic luxury. Winser London, however, somehow manage to make ‘sensible’ sexy, to make relaxed clothing unbelievably chic. In short Winser London is brand that expertly combines form with function to create clothing that any woman would be more than proud to have in her wardrobe.

-Hannah Balsdon     

Spotlight on Lagom’s New Collection

Taking its name from a Swedish word meaning “just right” Lagom is a brand dedicated to creating clothing that is “just so”. This is a brand that puts the wearer first; that focuses on creating balanced clothing that women can love. Up to date but not trend led Lagom’s pieces are feminine yet wearable and designed to make women look and feel their best. This is unique clothing that perfectly balances retro influences with modern design. As a result Lagom’s pieces possess a ladylike elegance but also a modernity that allows them to slot neatly into a contemporary wardrobe. This is clothing that makes the wearer feel like a women but that is not old fashioned, kitsch or dull.  Lagom, in essence, create clothing for the style conscious rather than the fashion obsessed.

Lagom keeps its collections small and focused; rather than creating collections twice a year the brand updates its small offering several times over the course of a year providing the customer with both choice and an air of exclusivity. The label’s prices, however, do not at all prohibitive making this a brand that anyone can buy into. The label’s dresses are, of course, effortlessly feminine and elegant yet Lagom create chic separates with equal ease; this is a brand with which you could stick your entire wardrobe. Lagom’s aesthetic is vintage inspired but certainly not pastiche or backward looking rather the brand takes classic styles and silhouettes and gives them a contemporary makeover. This eclectic blend of the past and present imbues Lagom’s designs with an eccentric but classic quality. Bright and colourful the brand’s designs are anything but boring yet they are also easy to wear and relatively fuss free.

Lagom seem to have managed the impossible in that they create clothing that is unique without being over the top, of good quality and exclusive whilst still affordable and that is, most impressively, full of retro charm yet still modern and stylish. Lagom truly do create clothing that is “just right”.

-Hannah Balsdon