Spotlight on Miista’s SS14 Collection

Hackney based shoe brand Miista makes shoes that are unique, kooky and unbelievably fashionable. These are fun quirky shoes for bold, fashion conscious individuals with their own sense of style. Fashion forward but not conformist Miista’s shoes are both exciting and wearable; these are shoes any aspiring fashionista can slip on with confidence.  These are shoes designed to stand out from the crowd, to make an unforgettable statement. Yet Miista’s shoes that also possess an odd, eccentric elegance; Miista’s shoes may be distinctive but they are also wonderfully attractive.  This is not a brand that feels the need to conform to set standards of beauty or momentary trends rather Miista is a label with personality, heart and eye for the future.

Miista’s new SS14 collection features ankle boots, heeled summer sandals, and fashionable flats. Iridescent metallics and ethereal pastels give the collection youthful, fashionable feel, yet Miista have interpreted these trends in an altogether more radical, fashion forward manner than many a shoe brand. The result is shoes that have an almost space age feel with clear Perspex heels adding to this futuristic aesthetic. In short these are incredibly cool shoes; shoes that could add fashionable edge to even the most mundane, laid back summer outfit.  Miista have a talent for taking seemingly conservative shoe styles and remaking them in their own image; this season it is the humble espadrille that gets the Miista treatment. With a chunky bright white rubber sole and iridescent fabric Miista’s espadrilles are miles away from the plain canvas shoes we are all familiar with.

Miista is the shoe brand for the forward thinking, independent fashionista and who says you have sacrifice your individual style to put on a pair of identikit summer sandals whilst on holiday?  Miista create shoes that will look as good by the hotel pool as they do on the streets of London. In essence Miista is a brand that takes the ordinary, the traditional, even the practical and gives it a fashionable, futuristic and utterly irresistible make over.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Spanish Boot Company

After becoming obsessed with the practicality and style of the traditional Spanish riding boot Emma Snailham launched the Spanish Boot Company to introduce a British audience to the good-looking boot. The brand is dedicated to providing good quality Spanish made boots at affordable prices. These are classic but versatile boots; boots that would look just as good in a British city as they would in the Spanish countryside. The Spanish Boot Company’s products have all the style and versatility of regular riding boots with an extra added frisson of continental elegance. Practical and stylish these boots are a must-have for any hardwearing footwear enthusiast.

The Spanish Boot Company’s boots come in a variety of styles, materials and colours from striking red suede to classic black leather. Whether you are looking for something traditional or a boot with a little more pizzazz Spanish Boot Company has it covered. The beauty of a riding boot is that it combines a traditional, almost romantic aesthetic with a versatility and practicality that few other type of footwear share. SBC’s boots are no different; these are boots that would look equality as stylish with jean or jodhpurs, on an urban street or in a country field. Laid back and easy to wear these are boots for all seasons, for summer adventures and winter blizzards. The brand’s boots are also durable both on a practical and stylistic level; made of sturdy leathers these are boots that will last for years and never really go out of style.

With spring now in full swing it may seem like an odd time to go boot shopping yet the Spanish Boot Company’s boots are not merely here today gone tomorrow shoes but long term wardrobe investments. These are stylish, timeless boots that you can wear again and again with pride.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Nancy Dee

Founded in 2008 by sisters Seraphina and Tamain Davis Nancy Dee is unique womenswear label that combines ethical principles with good quality clothing. The sisters passionately believe that it is possible to create stylish, attractive clothing without compromising their commitment to sustainable design. All Nancy Dee’s pieces are designed and produced in the UK and made using sustainable fabrics. This is stylish, durable fashion with a conscience; Nancy Dee’s clothing is appealing, easy to wear and long lasting. Nancy Dee’s clothing ticks pretty much every box; it’s stylish, ethical and accessible. Whether you are an ethical fashion fan or just a regular consumer you are likely to find Nancy Dee’s wearable, feminine designs almost irresistible.

Nancy Dee’s aesthetic is feminine and functional; this is not a brand that follows short term fashion trends but instead creates clothes that will last for seasons to come. The brand’s designs are pretty and stylish enough to flatter the female form yet they are not so over-loaded with detailing as to make them unwearable. In short this is attractive, feminine day to day clothing; Nancy Dee’s pieces could be worn in the office, over the long weekend or even dressed up for an evening out. Whilst all Nancy Dee’s pieces combine wearability and durable style the brand’s offering is actually quite varied; their current collection includes mini, maxi and knee length dresses, tailored jackets and summer-ready shorts. Nancy Dee utilises a variety of prints from the graphic to the floral yet sticks to a muted colour palette increasing the clothes versatility.

Nancy Dee is one of a new crop of ethical brands that make making the right decision easy; with Nancy Dee you do not have to choose between the stylish and the sustainable you can have both. In essence Nancy Dee create guilt free clothing that is also desirable and wearable proving, once and for all, that when it comes to ethical fashion you can have your cake and eat it.

-Hannah Balsdon

Wonderful Women & Instant Inspiration! 5 Minutes with Hub Dot

This month LUX FIX is very excited to host an evening of “Connecting Through a Love of Fashion” with the brilliant ladies of the Hub Dot.  We are looking forward to an evening of inspiring stories and face to face connections  from feeling good through tailoring, to discovering designers that work for you (and don’t cost the earth!)  with one of London’s finest views as a backdrop. It’s on 30th April in the evening – please email for details or read on to be inspired! 


So… What’s the hub dot all about?

Hub Dot is about creating experiences around connections.  The magic that is the ‘One connection could make all the difference’.  For each person that connection could be something very different and HubDot creates a platform where women can find the connection that’s right for them; that will help turn their everyday aspirations into extraordinary transformations.


What do you think makes the hub dot such a great place for inspiring creativity?

By creating a trusted brand in connection with events that focus on connecting women to the ‘what if’ – women feel able to step out of what’s expected of them so they can become who they want to be.  By sharing ones vulnerability, the protective shields are lowered and ones true self and desires are shared.  New experiences, new connections, new dreams are created – we are unlocking the power of meaningful and personal connections.


What made you want to do a fashion event?

We wanted to do a gathering around beautiful things and things that make us happy on a more lighthearted level.  We all enjoy fashion – though none of us would consider ourselves to fashion followers or even fashionable (!!) but we know what we like and with the help of Lux Fix and the inspiring Rebecca we are finding our fashion feet!

We’re looking forward to being able to play ‘dressing up’ while meeting and connecting with inspiring women!


Which designers are really getting you excited at the moment?

We’ve all gotten to an age where we pretty much know what suits us so it’s more excitement about a new piece of clothing than a particular designer – a luxurious scarf, a well fitting coat/tailored jacket, a soft cosy cashmere jumper, Quality rather than quantity and proper value for money (in its true sense) rather than disposable fashion.


What inspires you most about design and fashion?

The quality and fit – the same as the people we connect with!

Spotlight on Peridot London’s Spring Collection

Peridot is a London based brand committed to creating beautifully crafted, minimalist womenswear. Launched by designer Rachel Wilson in 2009 Peridot‘s chic sleek clothing is refreshingly modern and up to date whilst also being versatile and timeless. This is paired down, iconic modernist womenswear for those who appreciate good quality, stylish clothing. Peridot’s pieces are clearly made with the modern, style conscious city dwelling woman in mind.  Free from seasonal trends and the treadmill of fast fashion Peridot creates fuss free pieces that are both durable and easy to wear. In essence Peridot produces restrained, uncluttered but beautifully crafted clothing that could easily slot into the modern, urban dwelling woman’s wardrobe.

Peridot’s current collection continues where their previous collection left off with plenty of clean minimalist lines and a calm contemporary colour palette. Peridot’s clothing in never designed to be flashy or stand out and their new pieces are no exception; this is reserved, chic well thought out clothing ideal for transitional dressing. Peridot’s crisp pre spring pieces are ideal for layering; think short sporty dresses, asymmetric skirts and feminine spring jackets. Leather, very much the material of the moment, plays a starring role in this new collection with elegant minimalist skirts and dresses rendered in soft lamb nappa leather. This has always been a brand that borrows a lot from the world of male tailoring and this new collection continues in this tradition with some of the brands pieces being almost androgynous. Yet there are nods to femininity as well with the brand’s Hamilton jacket having an almost mid-century womenswear feel. In addition Peridot has also created a wide range of wonderfully stylish sunglasses each pair a distinctly modern take on popular frame designs.

Peridot London is an evolving brand; this is a label with a unique, distinctive aesthetic that just seems to get better with each new collection. Free of pretence, Peridot creates clothing designed to outlast the whims of fashion; Peridot’s pieces are not designed to be worn this season then discarded but to be worn again and again, in time, perhaps, to become beloved wardrobe staples. In short Peridot creates clothing not just for the present but for the future as well.

-Hannah Balsdon 

Spotlight on SBP

SBP creates stylish sexy underwear for women tired of choosing between comfort and sensuality or between elegance and coverage. The labels high-waisted but flattering knickers are a world away from both the baggy grandma pants and the super sexy frilly knickers that tend to languish at the back of many an underwear draw. This is underwear that is sexy and snug; pants that women of all shapes and sizes can wear with complete confidence. SBP’s lingerie is well designed and easy to wear; this is chic, restrained underwear that could fit snugly into a woman’s wardrobe. Whilst many lingerie brands present an erotic fantasy of feminine sexuality SBP creates stylish, elegant pants that celebrate and flatter real women.

SBP’s knickers come in five different styles; each style is designed to capture a particular mood or personality. The designs range from the elegant and classic to the flirtatious and sensual; whatever your bedroom style SBP have a pant for you. Lingerie staples such as lace, bows and peek-a-boo openings all make an appearance yet all in a restrained manner; these are not frilly pants but wearable knickers for day to day use. Whilst each SBP pant varies in surface design they are all high-waisted; this figure hugging cut ensures that each pair perfectly fits and flatters the female form. These are not knickers that require a Victoria’s Secret Angel’s body, this is lingerie that will suit any women not matter what her size.

It can often be difficult to find a pair knickers that combine both practicality and sensuality; there are very few lingerie labels that provide women with fuss free but sexy underwear, SBP is one such brand. SBP’s knickers allow women to be sexy on their own terms, to express their own tastes and individuality in the most personal way. In short SBP create sexy, sensual knickers that any woman can wear with pride.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Augustus Hare

Named after a debonair Victorian travel writer and art historian Augustus Hare is a quintessentially British men’s accessories brand. This is a brand dedicated to creating stylish, beautifully crafted ties; Augustus Hare’s perfectly formed ties really are the ideal finishing touch to a traditional tailored suit. Timeless and classic with a hint of good old fashioned British eccentricity these elegant ties are created with the sophisticated modern city gent in mind; the man who appreciates quality, individuality and style. Augustus Hare is passionate about providing its customers with the best possible product with the brand using both English and Italian craftsmen to create its luxurious pieces. In short these are classic British ties for today’s smart city gentleman.

Augustus Hare’s knitted and silk ties come in a variety of styles from plain but masculine stripes to elegant prints. For all their variety these ties firmly eschew novelty in favour of a timeless, individual aesthetic; these are ties for style conscious men not playful boys. Yet Augustus Hare’s ties are not dull or uninspiring; these are not bland corporate accessories but elegant ties with quintessentially British flourishes. These are, in essence, ties designed to be paired with well cut, tailored suit rather than a cheap off-the-peg shirt and trousers work ensemble.  Augustus Hare’s ties are not flamboyant or showy but neither are they bland or dull; like all great British menswear they strike a perfect balance between eccentricity and classic style.

A tie is the final and crowning addition to any suit and Augustus Hare’s pieces could easily accompany any well-tailored outfit. These are ties for both the young and the old; for those who love tradition and those looking to experiment. These are ties that really celebrate British design and Britain’s menswear heritage; in effect these small pieces of expertly crafted fabric represent all that is so inspiring about British men’s fashion.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Keungzai

Keungzai is a womenswear brand dedicated to solving the everyday sartorial problems that all women face. The brand was founded in 2011 by Michelle Lee who, whilst pregnant, was frustrated with the lack of comfortable stylish maternity wear. Keungzai creates timeless, wearable and versatile jersey dresses for mothers, mums-to-be and, indeed, any woman in search of something soft and stylish. All of Keungzai’s pieces are made in the UK with the soft jersey being knitted and dyed in Leicestershire and each dress being produced in Derbyshire; this is home grown, understated luxury clothing at its finest. Keungzai’s dresses are form-flattering, elegant and feminine; these are dresses that any woman can wear with confidence. Stylish rather fashionable Keungzai’s designs are modern classics; fuss free and easy to wear these are dresses designed for hectic modern living.

Made of soft modal jersey Keungzai’s uses clean simple design to flatter the female form; asymmetry, drapery and layering all make an appearance adding to the contemporary feel of the collection. In addition Keungzai sticks to a calming palette of soft blues, elegant greys and flashes of olive and red. These are not dresses intended to stand out but to blend into a wardrobe; to be the base of an outfit not the centre of it. This restrained design allows Keungzai’s dresses to be styled in a variety of ways; these are dresses that could function as officewear, partywear or even just every day casualwear.

Most maternity wear has a very short life span, less than 9 months to be exact, but Keungzai create clothes that can be worn not only by pregnant women but by women of all shapes and sizes.  Keungzai’s dresses may have started out as a chic maternity option but their versatility means women can wear them pre and post pregnancy as well.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Blonde and Ginger

Created by experienced buyer Elizabeth Carrick Blonde and Ginger is a ‘made in Britain’ brand dedicated to creating stylish, contemporary and cool womenswear. All their pieces are made in the UK and are all limited edition with no more than 150 of each garment being made; the chances of seeing someone else in a Blonde and Ginger dress is slim. This is cool but feminine clothing; fashionable but not a slave to seasonal trends like much of the clothing on the high street.  This is accessible, chic fashion with an added air of exclusivity and a solidly British provenance.

Blonde and Ginger’s current collection of dresses, skirts and tops is chic, wearable and above all multifunctional.  These are pieces that could be styled for a weekday in the office, a weekend shopping or even a night out on the town.  To achieve this Blonde and Ginger’s designs combine classic flattering shapes with up to date flourishes; a pencil skirt comes in neon yellow lace,  laid back t-shirt dresses are augmented by leather skirts and jersey wrap dress  gets a modern update with a metallic belt.  Blonde and Ginger touch on long term current trends but their garments still have a restrained timeless quality; these are dresses you can wear not only this season but next season as well. Adding to this is the trans-seasonal nature of the brand’s designs; these are clothes that can be worn all year round. Even if the warm weather drags its heel for several weeks more a Blonde and Ginger dress will still see you through until the summer.

Blonde and Ginger’s creations are a great example of fuss free but contemporary fashion; these are clothes that look fresh, current and up to date yet are free of the constraints involved with transient seasonal fashion. Essentially this is accessible easy to wear, stylish clothing; the perfect addition to a spring wardrobe.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on A-Line

Inspired by her mixed German and French heritage, as well as London’s energetic fashion scene, A-Line founder and designer Anne-Sophie Kohler creates sleek, stylish but functional clothing for today’s carefree city dweller. This is smart, modern clothing created with the hardworking but creative urban woman in mind. A-Line’s pieces are both work and street appropriate; these are garments that can be styled for office yet a fashionable enough to wear on London’s trendiest streets. Unique, thoughtful and undeniably modern A-Line is the brand for women who want to look professional and well turned out yet also crave individuality and have their own personal style. In short A-Line is a label for the style conscious, creative city professional.

A-Line has an unique but minimalistic aesthetic and it is functional style that allows the brand to offer an excellent range of wardrobe essentials from smart separates to contemporary jackets and fashionable tops. The brand’s current collection sticks mostly to a classic, practical palette of whites, blacks and greys with flashes of yellow adding interest in places. All this makes for clothes that are fuss-free and easy to mix and match despite their cutting edge minimal design; a pair of A-Line trousers or jacket could easily fit in to a modern urban wardrobe. Other pieces such as the label’s shirt dress and on trend bomber jacket have more of a fashionable street feel. These are clothes that would not look on of place on the streets of Shoreditch and, whilst looking professional, also convey a sense of independence and confidence.

In essence A-Line’s clothing is created for the youthful, self-assured city dwelling professional; this is clothing for women with their own tastes who value their own unique style. A-Line’s clothing is conceived on London’s gritty vibrant streets and this is the environment in which it is created to be worn.

-Hannah Balsdon