Spotlight on HW2

Founded by designers Angie Bradley and Estelle Bloomfield HW2 is a womenswear brand that creates fluid, easy to wear garments. Often made using pre-shrunk viscose HW2’S pieces are not only comfortable and practical but also stylish and mature.  This is fuss free straightforward clothing that is, nevertheless, designed to make the wearer look fantastic. Elegant and classic HW2’s clothes are ideal for women of all shapes and sizes; this is, in essence, breezy, cosy clothing that many a woman could wear with ease. In short if you are looking for functional but stylish clothing to see you through autumn HW2 could just be the brand for you.

HW2 have a distinctly laid back aesthetic; their silhouettes are flowing rather than fitted and the brand’s choice of materials further adds to the unrestricted feel of their pieces. This laid back relaxed clothing with an elegant edge; HW2 aims for paired down luxury rather than all out cosiness. Comfortable their clothes may be but HW2’s designs are still a world away from the baggy sweat pants and Ugg boots that dominate the high street today. This is clothing that could be worn around the house but that also could be styled up for the office. HW2’s pieces are designed to be layered up making them ideal for autumn dressing. These are flexible garments that, with a little creative styling, could be worn all year round. Whilst not exactly wardrobe staples HW2’s clothes could easily become go-to favourites for their owners.

HW2’s uncomplicated clothing is ideal for women with a relaxed but elegant and mature style; these are clothes that require little or no effort and yet manage to be undeniably stylish.  Many brands try to design clothes that women want to wear but HW2 seem committed to designing clothes that women actually can wear, and wear, with pride.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Marshall Bergman

Founded way back in 1890 by Sarak Bergman Marshall Bergman has long been a name synonymous with stylish, functional leather goods. Drawing on decades of leather expertise the brand has, in recent years, turned its attention to creating bags that are designed to protect today’s fragile technological devices, be they phones, tablets or laptops. In 2011 Marshall Bergman began an exclusive collaboration with Apple which has established them as pioneers in premium, practical bags. The brand’s almost unrivalled combination of luxury leather expertise and functional modern design makes their products must-haves for the tech savvy but aesthetically aware. These are bags for those who appreciate opulent, stylish handbags and yet also require a bag that can cope with today’s technology dependent world. A Marshall Bergman bag is perfectly equipped to carry all the paraphernalia of modern life but it carries it in style.

All crafted from premium quality Italian leather Marshall Bergman’s bags stick to simple classic designs; satchels, totes and clutches all look just as stylish as many a office appropriate bag. The differences between Marshall Bergman and other brands, however, become apparent when you open the bags up. The interior of each Marshall Bergman bag is definitely designed with the contemporary user in mind with the brand including clever compartments or spaces for everything from iPhones to laptops. With a Marshall Bergman bag you do not need to worry about the safety of your favourite device; you do not have to root around your bag looking for your phone or question your bags ability to carry your laptop or tablet. If you are after a bag that both looks the part and fits your daily lifestyle Marshall Bergman is the brand for you. These are, in essence, bags designed to fit the requirements and, perhaps even dreams, of the busy modern professional.

-Hannah Balsdon

Beach Candy: Behind-the-scenes with Sophie Paget Steavenson


Lux Fix-What inspired the next season’s collection?

Sophie-My main inspiration tends to be what’s going on in my life at the time. Next season our ‘Underwater Gems’ Spring / Summer 15 collection has been inspired by getting married to my husband in Goa last February. I hope buyers like hearts as we have quite a few prints to mark the occasion!


Lux Fix-Name your favorite piece from the collection this coming season?

Sophie- My favourite piece is the Arrow Slip – it’s really flattering on, and can also be worn as a top after your holidays are over.

Sophie Jimmy hires 315 of 785 1024x682 Beach Candy: Behind the scenes with Sophie Paget Steavenson


Lux Fix- Explain the concept behind the collection from Beach Candy?

Sophie- As always it’s about creating beautiful, flattering beachwear that’s vibrant and colorful. Living between Goa and Mumbai inspired me to create a label that is perfect for the beach, the pool, or just floating around on hot summer days.


Lux Fix-How have e-commerce platforms such as Lux Fix increased brand awareness for the collections?

Sophie- They have been brilliant in creating brand awareness – So much shopping is now online and by offering special discounts to their customer base it’s a great way to spread the word and engage people.



IMG 1173 2 835x1024 Beach Candy: Behind the scenes with Sophie Paget Steavenson


Lux Fix- Describe the Beach Candy image for next season in three words?

Sophie- Eye-catching, Bold, Fun!


Interview conducted by Naomi Bennett

Spotlight on Whistle and Wolf

Created by the team behind lingerie brand Playful Promises, Whistle and Wolf is a womenswear label that produces effortlessly feminine vintage inspired clothing. Based in London the brand was started in 2012 by Playful Promises founder Emma Parker; after cutting her teeth designing innovative yet classic lingerie Emma decided to turn her attention to women’s dresses and separates. Whistle and Wolf’s designs have a quintessentially British feel; this is clothing inspired by classic British style and the frenetic energy of London itself. Vintage inspired but not backward looking Whistle and Wolf’s clothing is irrepressibly pretty and feminine. This is, in essence, lovely yet wearable fashion that is designed to turn heads.

Featuring retro style cuts and eye catching prints Whistle and Wolf’s designs are ideal for those who wish to stand out from the crowd but do not want something over the top. Whistle and Wolf’s clothes may be bright and exuberant in places but they are also down to Earth and eminently wearable; this is clothing that would not look out of place in the wardrobe of any 20-something. In Whistle and Wolf’s pieces there is not even a hint of the masculine making this thoroughly feminine fashion with each piece flattering the female form. This is clothing for tea dress fanatics and lovers of floral print; many a breezy, printed Whistle and Wolf piece needs only a pair of brogues and a satchel to make it complete.  This is clothing for daily life, for school, college or even the office; Whistle and Wolf’s designs are flexible and feminine enough to handle whatever your day to day routine can throw at them.

Feminine without being too fussy and vintage inspired without being kitsch Whistle and Wolf’s pieces would make a great addition to many a summer wardrobe. This is clothing that really does not try too hard rather it exists, comfortably, in a pretty, fun filled world of its own.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Jana Reinhardt

In 2006 classically trained goldsmith Jana Reinhardt left her job with a high end Hatton Garden jeweller to create her own eponymous brand. Since then her brand has gone from strength to strength and now has followers all over the world. Today Jana designs her unique creations with the help of her husband Ross and the brand’s collections have been picked up by designer boutiques in this country and abroad. Inspired by her childhood experiences Jana Reinhardt’s jewellery is simple, sweet and utterly charming; this is delightful easy on the eye jewellery that any woman can wear with ease. Unique, attractive and full of childlike charm Jana’s pieces are ideal for both the young and the young at heart.

Featuring a myriad of wildlife motifs Jana Reinhardt’s jewellery is inspired by childhood summer spent at her grandparent’s farm. Sweet, almost naive renderings of birds, hares, foxes and flowers all make for pieces that remind one of the simple pleasures of the countryside. This is jewellery that celebrates nature but in a distinctly stylised manner. In Jana Reinhardt’s designs there is not the slightest whiff of the dark or the macabre rather this is jewellery that possesses a light-hearted, innocent feel. This is jewellery for youthful, optimistic wearers rather than world weary fashionistas; these are pieces for those with bright wardrobes and sunny dispositions. Reinhardt’s pieces do not even attempt to follow fashion nor are these statement pieces vying for attention; this is sweet, deceptively simple jewellery for everyday wear.

In essence if you are looking for a stylish but sweet charm rather than a dramatic statement piece Jana Reinhardt is the brand for you. This is straightforward but attractive jewellery that does not pretend to be something it is not, rather it revels in its innate charm and simplicity. Free of pretence Reinhardt’s designs may not immediately grab your attention but this is, nevertheless, jewellery that anybody could grow to love.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Berlusi

Cutting edge, high end devices deserve luxurious leather cases at least according to tech accessories brand Berlusi. Berlusi design functional but fashion forward cases and covers for smartphones and tablets; each of their products is sourced from Brazil and crafted from sumptuous Buffalo leather. With mobile devices playing an ever greater role in our daily lives Berlusi’s covers are precision cut to perfectly fit the best phone and tablets on the market today. These are tech covers that show your devices the respect they deserve. Rather than encasing your precious and often expensive phone or tab in cheap easily damaged material this is brand that provides opulent, stylish and functional accessories. In essence each Berlusi cover is like a luxurious set of clothes for your favourite piece of technology.

The brand’s use of Buffalo leather gives its designs a rugged but tactile aesthetic; oddly enough unlike the technology they encase Berlusi’s pieces have a rough and ready look. These are pieces that look pre-worn yet classic; in essence these are cases designed to give provenance and character to the mobile devices they protect. In addition Berlusi’s ruggedly handsome style points to the overall functionality of their products; these are cases designed to withstand the rigours of everyday life and protect your device from whatever the world throws at it. Free from pretence and unnecessary adornment Berlusi’s designs have a durability that few tech cases share; these are not trendy, here today gone tomorrow tech accessories but long lasting pieces designed to last for your device’s entire lifespan.

With all the ware, tare and over use our mobile device put up with each day they need accessories that both look the part but also provide protection and increase their functionality; Berlusi makes such tech accessories. Luxurious and stylish yet practical and rugged Berlusi’s cases and covers are designed with modern day technology lover in mind making them must haves for the tech savvy mobile device user.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Bergano Greys

Adopting the phrase ‘sophisticated simplicity’ as its motto Bergano Greys is a menswear brand dedicated to creating effortlessly stylish, beautifully tailored wardrobe basics. The brand was originally established in order to create the perfect t-shirt but now offers a whole collection of luxurious, sophisticated basics for men. These are tees and tops for men who truly care about every aspect of their wardrobe and put quality before quantity.  Bergano Greys takes the seemingly mundane t-shirt and, using the finest materials and craftsmanship, turns it into something precise, luxurious and stylish. You could go out and buy a cheap formless t-shirt or you could opt for one of Bergano Greys modern day design classics; the choice is yours.

Designed using Savile Row techniques each Bergano Greys piece provides the wearer with the best possible fit; these are t-shirts that fit the male form as snugly as a tailored suit. All the brand’s garments are manufactured in Italy or Portugal giving Bergano Greys access to the very best fabrics and high quality craftsmanship. The label’s basics may seem simple at first glance but a lot of thought and effort has been put into getting each garment just right with all the brand’s tee and jersey material being pre-shrunk t prevent shrinkage. Believe it or not all Bergano Greys’ t-shirts are made with a different occasion in mind; these are basics that could be packed into a holiday suitcase, thrown on during a relaxed weekend or worn under shirt and tie at the office.

Bergano Greys’ garments are miles away from the poor quality t-shirts that dominate the high street; these are tops designed to fit the modern man and to last for years to come.  In essence Bergano Greys is one brand that shows that even the most basic of wardrobe staples can be improved when given the Savile Row treatment.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Éthologie

Founded by Central Saint Martins graduate Jasper Garvida Éthologie is women’s and menswear label for with a unique style and a strong sense of their own individuality. Garvida pieces have been seen on a number of celebrities from Katy Perry to Helena Christensen and have featured in top magazines such as Vogue Italia and Grazia. Contemporary, cutting edge yet also wearable Éthologie’s designs are ideal for the fashion savvy city dweller. Each Éthologie garment is unique, striking and effortlessly stylish making these clothes that stand out without going over the top. In essence this is colourful, distinctive clothing for the confident, independent fashionista.

Éthologie’s womenwear pieces are chic, feminine and modern; these are up to date clothes that flatter the female form. For all their modernity Éthologie’s designs also have a sensuous, almost sexy edge with many of the brand’s pieces being ideal for first dates, nights on the town and wild parties. Garvida is not one to shy away from using bright, vivid colours and distinctive textures which gives his clothes a vibrant feel; this is clothing for the confident fashion conscious dresser, for women who are not afraid of embracing the new and unique. The label’s bold pieces are, nevertheless, relatively fuss free and easy to wear; this is straightforward self-assured fashion that could easily slot into any fashion forward wardrobe. With their eclectic fusion of contemporary style, bold colour and sensuality Éthologie’s pieces are versatile enough to meet the needs of many a busy young fashion lover. These are clothes that can be dressed down for the mean city streets, dressed up in the evening and even added to a work place ensemble.

These are clothes designed fit the lifestyle of their wearer and to allow them to show off their own individuality in style.  In short Éthologie are a brand that focuses on creating the perfect wardrobe for today’s fashion loving, independent and, above all, confident consumer.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Linen Lawn

Linen Lawn is a British based brand that creates attractive separates and dresses from classic Liberty prints. Made entirely in the UK Linen Lawn’s designs are modern but also quintessentially British; this is a brand that takes classic British fabrics and turns them into garments fit for the 21st century.  This is unique but ultimately wearable fashion for style conscious women of all shapes and sizes; Linen Lawn’s pieces are accessible but stylish and contemporary.  Produced using light Liberty prints Linen Lawn’s clothes are ideal for summer; these are clothes practically designed for a sunny British summer.

This season Linen Lawn’s latest designs feature a palette of on trend but pastel blues and pinks making the brand’s pieces perfect for sunny weather. Yet despite the garment’s summery on-trend aesthetic these are pieces designed to last beyond this summer. The iconic nature of the liberty fabric used combined with the brand’s paired down but up to date design makes each of Linen Lawn’s garments a modern classic. Linen Lawn’s creations have relaxed femininity and a timeless modernity that makes then must-haves for a contemporary wardrobe. These are clothes that could be dressed up for a casual office look or worn during a laid back long weekend. In essence Linen Lawn’s clothes are pretty and feminine but also current and in tune with, though not in thrall to, long term fashion trends.

With their unique pairing of the feminine with the modern, the fashionable and the iconic Linen Lawn’s pieces have both style and heart. These are stylish pieces that nevertheless have their own personality and a distinct aesthetic. Free from pretence and fussiness Linen Lawn’s clothes are easy to wear, versatile and wonderfully attractive. In short Linen Lawn is a brand that creates wearable, stylish and thoroughly British clothing for women everywhere.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Ella Valentine

Founded by former ad executive Anouk de Jonge Ella Valentine is a handbag brand dedicated to quality; all their bags are manufactured in Italy and draw on that country’slong tradition of fine leather craftsmanship. Ella Valentine’s designs are stylish and classic; these are bags for those who appreciate both long-lasting style and quality. These bags are elegant yet practical handbags designed to meet the needs of busy modern women; an Ella Valentine bag can take you from the office to the bar, from the city to the countryside. With summer drawing to a close now is a perfect time to invest in a new, durable handbag that will get you through autumn and winter in style.

This season Ella Valentine’s handbags range from the patent to the quilted, from streamlined work totes to slouchy satchels. This is a varied collection that includes something for everyone; whether you are looking for a business-like bag for the boardroom or a casual handbag for day to day usage Ella Valentine has it covered. All of the brand’s pieces have a pared down classic aesthetic making them immune to the whims of fast fashion; these are bags that will stay in style for years to come.    This is a brand that creates functional and quietly beautiful pieces rather than brash statement bags. These are not handbags that cause one to fall passionately in love with instead these are bags to cherish over a long period of time; in essence these are handbags for the head rather than the heart.

With their classic and practical design Ella Valentine’s handbags manage both to be elegant and fit for modern life; these are bags that will carry your purse, phone and even in some cases, laptop with style and aplomb. These are not ‘it’ bags rather they are ‘forever’ bags that will stand the test of time.

-Hannah Balsdon