Spotlight on Bergano Greys

Adopting the phrase ‘sophisticated simplicity’ as its motto Bergano Greys is a menswear brand dedicated to creating effortlessly stylish, beautifully tailored wardrobe basics. The brand was originally established in order to create the perfect t-shirt but now offers a whole collection of luxurious, sophisticated basics for men. These are tees and tops for men who truly care about every aspect of their wardrobe and put quality before quantity.  Bergano Greys takes the seemingly mundane t-shirt and, using the finest materials and craftsmanship, turns it into something precise, luxurious and stylish. You could go out and buy a cheap formless t-shirt or you could opt for one of Bergano Greys modern day design classics; the choice is yours.

Designed using Savile Row techniques each Bergano Greys piece provides the wearer with the best possible fit; these are t-shirts that fit the male form as snugly as a tailored suit. All the brand’s garments are manufactured in Italy or Portugal giving Bergano Greys access to the very best fabrics and high quality craftsmanship. The label’s basics may seem simple at first glance but a lot of thought and effort has been put into getting each garment just right with all the brand’s tee and jersey material being pre-shrunk t prevent shrinkage. Believe it or not all Bergano Greys’ t-shirts are made with a different occasion in mind; these are basics that could be packed into a holiday suitcase, thrown on during a relaxed weekend or worn under shirt and tie at the office.

Bergano Greys’ garments are miles away from the poor quality t-shirts that dominate the high street; these are tops designed to fit the modern man and to last for years to come.  In essence Bergano Greys is one brand that shows that even the most basic of wardrobe staples can be improved when given the Savile Row treatment.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Éthologie

Founded by Central Saint Martins graduate Jasper Garvida Éthologie is women’s and menswear label for with a unique style and a strong sense of their own individuality. Garvida pieces have been seen on a number of celebrities from Katy Perry to Helena Christensen and have featured in top magazines such as Vogue Italia and Grazia. Contemporary, cutting edge yet also wearable Éthologie’s designs are ideal for the fashion savvy city dweller. Each Éthologie garment is unique, striking and effortlessly stylish making these clothes that stand out without going over the top. In essence this is colourful, distinctive clothing for the confident, independent fashionista.

Éthologie’s womenwear pieces are chic, feminine and modern; these are up to date clothes that flatter the female form. For all their modernity Éthologie’s designs also have a sensuous, almost sexy edge with many of the brand’s pieces being ideal for first dates, nights on the town and wild parties. Garvida is not one to shy away from using bright, vivid colours and distinctive textures which gives his clothes a vibrant feel; this is clothing for the confident fashion conscious dresser, for women who are not afraid of embracing the new and unique. The label’s bold pieces are, nevertheless, relatively fuss free and easy to wear; this is straightforward self-assured fashion that could easily slot into any fashion forward wardrobe. With their eclectic fusion of contemporary style, bold colour and sensuality Éthologie’s pieces are versatile enough to meet the needs of many a busy young fashion lover. These are clothes that can be dressed down for the mean city streets, dressed up in the evening and even added to a work place ensemble.

These are clothes designed fit the lifestyle of their wearer and to allow them to show off their own individuality in style.  In short Éthologie are a brand that focuses on creating the perfect wardrobe for today’s fashion loving, independent and, above all, confident consumer.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Linen Lawn

Linen Lawn is a British based brand that creates attractive separates and dresses from classic Liberty prints. Made entirely in the UK Linen Lawn’s designs are modern but also quintessentially British; this is a brand that takes classic British fabrics and turns them into garments fit for the 21st century.  This is unique but ultimately wearable fashion for style conscious women of all shapes and sizes; Linen Lawn’s pieces are accessible but stylish and contemporary.  Produced using light Liberty prints Linen Lawn’s clothes are ideal for summer; these are clothes practically designed for a sunny British summer.

This season Linen Lawn’s latest designs feature a palette of on trend but pastel blues and pinks making the brand’s pieces perfect for sunny weather. Yet despite the garment’s summery on-trend aesthetic these are pieces designed to last beyond this summer. The iconic nature of the liberty fabric used combined with the brand’s paired down but up to date design makes each of Linen Lawn’s garments a modern classic. Linen Lawn’s creations have relaxed femininity and a timeless modernity that makes then must-haves for a contemporary wardrobe. These are clothes that could be dressed up for a casual office look or worn during a laid back long weekend. In essence Linen Lawn’s clothes are pretty and feminine but also current and in tune with, though not in thrall to, long term fashion trends.

With their unique pairing of the feminine with the modern, the fashionable and the iconic Linen Lawn’s pieces have both style and heart. These are stylish pieces that nevertheless have their own personality and a distinct aesthetic. Free from pretence and fussiness Linen Lawn’s clothes are easy to wear, versatile and wonderfully attractive. In short Linen Lawn is a brand that creates wearable, stylish and thoroughly British clothing for women everywhere.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Ella Valentine

Founded by former ad executive Anouk de Jonge Ella Valentine is a handbag brand dedicated to quality; all their bags are manufactured in Italy and draw on that country’slong tradition of fine leather craftsmanship. Ella Valentine’s designs are stylish and classic; these are bags for those who appreciate both long-lasting style and quality. These bags are elegant yet practical handbags designed to meet the needs of busy modern women; an Ella Valentine bag can take you from the office to the bar, from the city to the countryside. With summer drawing to a close now is a perfect time to invest in a new, durable handbag that will get you through autumn and winter in style.

This season Ella Valentine’s handbags range from the patent to the quilted, from streamlined work totes to slouchy satchels. This is a varied collection that includes something for everyone; whether you are looking for a business-like bag for the boardroom or a casual handbag for day to day usage Ella Valentine has it covered. All of the brand’s pieces have a pared down classic aesthetic making them immune to the whims of fast fashion; these are bags that will stay in style for years to come.    This is a brand that creates functional and quietly beautiful pieces rather than brash statement bags. These are not handbags that cause one to fall passionately in love with instead these are bags to cherish over a long period of time; in essence these are handbags for the head rather than the heart.

With their classic and practical design Ella Valentine’s handbags manage both to be elegant and fit for modern life; these are bags that will carry your purse, phone and even in some cases, laptop with style and aplomb. These are not ‘it’ bags rather they are ‘forever’ bags that will stand the test of time.

-Hannah Balsdon    

Spotlight on CeMe’s New Collection

London based jersey specialists CeMe use this most basic of materials to create comfortable, stylish and ultimately wearable clothing. The brand’s new collection has just landed on Lux-Fix and it is full of flattering, easy to wear garments ideal for transitional dressing. With the sun in the sky autumn may seem miles away but CeMe versatile designs could comfortably take the wearer from the warm summer months into September in style. CeMe’s pieces are designed to become wardrobe staples; these are clothes you can dress up or dress down, wear on their own on sunny days and layer up for colder weather. The brand’s chic jersey creations are fuss free and accessible; in essence this is clothing that would make a welcome addition to any contemporary style conscious wardrobe.

CeMe are experts in the use of jersey and generally opt for figure hugging designs that really accentuate the female form giving their designs a wearable but sultry edge. Body-con, draping and flattering cuts all make an appearance in CeMe’s designs; this is clothing that manages to be both extremely becoming but also appropriate for day to day wear and even the office. In addition the brand’s growing use of vivid prints ensures that their pieces are anything but dull. The wonder of jersey is that it has the potential to really show the human body at its best but it is also plain and practical enough for day to day wear. These properties combined with CeMe’s feminine and modern designs make for clothing that is both attractive and wearable. These are clothes designed to make the wearer feel like a woman with CeMe’s piece’s flattering feminine curves rather than ignoring them.

The flexibility of jersey and the modernity of CeMe designs makes these garments that can be worn all year round. Such versatile clothes are, however, ideal for the changing of the seasons; these are clothes that work well in both the sun and the rain, on both weekdays and weekends. As summer slowly turns to autumn it can be difficult to decide what to wear but CeMe’s chic jersey dresses provide a safe but flexible trans-seasonal option.

-Hannah Balsdon             

Spotlight on Summer Wraps

A good quality, comfortable wrap can be just the thing to keep goose-bumps at bay during cool summer evenings. Wraps may seem like simple garments but they make great additions to holiday suitcases, are ideal cover ups at weddings and formal occasions and can add a touch of glamour or luxury to any summer ensemble. Working with some of the best independent brands around Lux-Fix has seen its fair share of stylish, comfortable and luxurious wraps; here are some of our favourites.

Founded by sisters Hannah and Sarah Nancy Mac creates beautiful, feminine clothes with a vintage twist. As well as romantic dresses the brand also produces a selection of gorgeous printed silk shrugs; think Pre-Raphaelite glamour combined with a touch of the Japonesque. In essence, like their dresses, Nancy Mac’s wraps are romantic, elegant and dreamily beautiful. This makes them the perfect choice for a wedding or formal occasion but you could also use a Nancy Mac wrap to jazz up a pair of jeans or as the finishing touch to a fantastical festival ensemble.

If you’re looking for something a little more functional and comfortable then check out new British cashmere brand Casha. Casha’s pieces are all 100% cashmere making them irresistibly soft and wonderfully luxurious. A Casha wrap would make a great gift and is ideal for year round wear; this is cashmere, one of the world’s most desirable materials, at its very best.

Equally luxurious and versatile are Hayley Menzies’ trimmed boho shawls and scarves. This London based brand uses carefully sourced fur and feathers to add to unique edge to sumptuous cashmere wraps and scarves. The result is pieces that are simultaneously opulent and bohemian making them an enticing prospect to women of all different tastes and styles. Hayley Menzies pieces can be worn in a variety of ways, as scarves, as cover ups even as fashionable accessories. This summer the brand’s bright feather trimmed Sahara shawls look ideal for both day to day wear and summer adventures.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Summer Swimwear

Holiday season has well and truly arrived and, whether you’re going abroad or staying in the UK, headed for a white sandy beach or a glamorous resort, you’re probably searching for the perfect one piece or bikini. Fortunately Lux-Fix stocks a variety of the very best beach and swimwear brands; whether you’re after a vintage inspired one-piece, sexy youthful bikini or an elegant flattering ensemble Lux –Fix has it covered.  With that in mind here are some of the most stylish, sexy and flattering swimwear pieces on Lux-Fix at the moment.

When searching for the perfect bikini or one-piece it can sometimes be difficult to find good quality swimwear that fits well but also flatters the female form. Violet Lake founder Ursula Lake decided to solve this conundrum by starting her own swimwear brand; Violet Lake create classic, elegant but wearable swimwear that doesn’t break the bank. The brand specialises in attractive fitted bikinis but they also produce a selection of beautifully elegant one-pieces, such as this Caruso swimsuit, that are ideal for both beach and pool.

Those in search of something a little more colourful may wish to take a look at Pistol Panties quirky retro inspired designs. Pistol Panties vintage style cuts are eerily reminiscent of the swimwear of yesteryear; these are bikinis and pieces for those looking to channel a 1950s pin up rather than a modern day magazine spread. Pistol Panties designs are fun with a capital F; swimwear can often get a little pretentious in its constant pursuit of sexiness but PPs pieces are light-hearted, flirtatious and cool. We particularly like this little candy striped number; reminds us of rock.

Equally as youthful are Hipanema’s bohemian bikini’s; inspired but the bright vivid culture of Brazil this French brand make swimwear full of tropical charm. Barely there and beaded these are bikinis for young, free spirited travellers, for beachside revellers and for exotic adventures. Just don’t forget to accessorize with a cool, colourful Hipanema bracelet.

Whilst we all secretly hope that our coveted swimsuit or bikini will transform us into a beautiful beach goddess most of us know that such perfection is pretty hard to achieve. Marianna G on the other hand set out to create gorgeous, sexy swimwear that is fit for a goddess. Inspired by the myths and legends of ancient Greece designer Marianna G creates stunning and empowering pieces for confident, modern women. This is not demure swimwear for shrinking violets but bold statement pieces for women comfortable in their own skin. In short this is the sort of swimwear that every woman dreams of wearing but few women actually have self-confidence to wear.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Cecily’s Latest Collection

Childhood friends Louise and Sarah founded Cecily to better explore and celebrate their favourite garment, the dress. Their aim is to create stylish dresses that need only to be paired with shoes and accessories to become perfect day ensemble.  Cecily’s dresses celebrate femininity and are designed to flatter the female form; these are dresses that can be worn with ease and yet make you feel like a woman. These are dresses suitable for women of all ages and almost all environments; a Cecily dress could become a work wardrobe staple but could also even be dressed up for special occasions. In essence these are simple, chic yet smart dresses for the busy modern woman; Cecily’s dresses are fuss free and perfectly in tune with the contemporary lifestyle.

Cecily is a brand that eschews body con in favour of tailored perfection and  steers clear of the overwrought and the overdone in favour of unfussy, simple design. The brand’s new collection continues in the theme of modern, feminine simplicity; sticking to a classic colour palette and reserved hemlines this is a collection that will take you from autumn into winter and beyond. Cecily also uses subtle detailing to add a unique femininity to their designs; these are garments that combine up to date design with classic, unpretentious style. Cecily’s designs are elegance personified making their dresses both desirable and durable; this is not fast fashion rather these are stylish, well thought out dresses created to last for years to come.

Cecily’s creations are ideal for women who do not want to compromise on style and femininity whilst in a formal environment such as an office. These are perfectly proportioned, self- assured and, most importantly, attractive dresses for confident, hardworking women. Cecily’s founders Louise and Sarah manage the impossible by combining an elegant womanly style with practical, modern and functional design pretty and it is this unlikely combination that makes the brand’s pieces ideal for today’s confident but style conscious working woman.

-Hannah Balsdon 

Spotlight on Millie Manu

Camilla Ridley, known as Millie to her friends, founded her eponymous label with one aim; to capture the quality and quintessentially British style of the clothes of her childhood and give it a contemporary twist for women and children today. Her capsule collections of women’s and children’s clothing are all designed and made in the UK using the finest natural fabrics. Fuss free and delightfully pretty Millie Manu creates clothes for relaxation rather than work; for adventures in the great outdoors and lazy summer holidays. These are good quality, simple but attractive clothes designed to be worn with ease.

Millie Manu use Liberty print silks to give their pieces a distinctly British feel; this is clothing that takes the best of British design and gives it a modern wearable twist. The brand sticks to breezy flattering cuts and designs meaning that even the most intricate print does not overwhelm the wearer. This is clothing that can be simple thrown on and paired with jeans, leggings or trainers; Millie Manu’s clothing is not hard to wear rather it fits snugly into a laid back, relaxed wardrobe. These are clothes that any woman can wear with ease and yet they are still very attractive; comfortable clothing is notorious for being unstylish but Millie Manu’s pieces are charmingly feminine and pretty.  These are comfortable but stylish pieces that are versatile enough for everyday wear.

Millie Manu’s founder set out to create clothes that reminded her of her childhood and there is certainly something very nostalgic about the brand’s pieces. The brand’s uncomplicated fuss free style easily recalls the simple, pretty dresses of one’s childhood. Yet for all the brand’s nostalgic, childlike charm their designs are also contemporary and up to date. Millie Manu’s clothes may remind you of the past but they will also last well into the future.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Vassilisa

Named after a Russian folk heroine Vassilisa is a London based brand that creates beautiful, luxurious silk scarves. Inspired by their beautiful mythical namesake Vassilisa have made it their mission to bring fairytale-like beauty to women all over the world. Founded in 2008 by Russian designer Nadja Solovieva the brand’s opulent and attractive designs have already featured in Vogue, Elle and Tatler and have been seen of celebrities such as Kate Moss, Chalize Theron and Cate Blanchett. Despite taking inspiration from myths and folklore Vassilisa’s designs are modern and fashionable without being too trendy making the scarves ideal for style conscious contemporary women  For the Vassilisa woman a scarf is not merely a luxurious piece of cloth but a beautiful, multifunctional travelling companion. In short a Vassilisa scarf is the ultimate accessory for women who appreciate beauty, luxury and modernity.

Vassilisa’s pieces fuse influences from the past with an edgy, almost rock and roll, sensibility making for a distinctly eclectic aesthetic. Peace symbols, animal prints and even disembodied mink, lemur and fox tails all appear in the brand’s dizzyingly beautiful designs.  The result is scarves that are modern and eminently desirable yet slightly whimsical and even surreal in places. These are scarves quite unlike the bland accessories found on the high street; Vassilisa scarves may be fashionable but their unique look certainly makes them stand out from the crowd. In addition the brand uses only the most luxurious yarns such as silk and cashmere giving their scarves an opulence and sumptuousness that few accessories share.

In essence this is a brand that creates truly beautiful and versatile accessories; a Vassilisa scarf is luxurious enough to make you feel special but also stylish enough to wear almost every day. All of this makes Vassilisa’s gorgeous designs just the thing for bringing a little luxury to a fashionable wardrobe.

-Hannah Balsdon