Dressing for the Big Freeze

It’s January, it’s cold and spring seems far, far away. It’s the time of year when you just want to wrap yourself up in something warm. Dressing for comfort rather than style may seem like a big fashion no-no but at the moment, with temperatures set to plummet, we all need something warm and cosy to wear. On the other hand, as we’ve seen time and time again on the Lux-Fix blog, comfort and style are not mutually exclusive; there are plenty of fashionable brands that produce clothing that is both attractive and practical. With that in mind we’ve searched high and low to find the warmest, most stylish winter-ready pieces available on Lux-Fix.

Knitwear is a must for winter and here at Lux-Fix we stock a variety of trendy, wearable knitwear brands. Needle is one such brand; their modern but relaxed designs are easy to wear, functional and just a little bit luxurious. This colour-block jumper from the brand’s aw14 collection has a fresh, contemporary feel; simply pair with jeans and ankle boots for warm but fashionable casual look.

Those looking to channel a more ladylike look this winter should check out Faux England; specialising in faux fur Faux England create furry clothing and accessories with all the glamour of yesteryear but none of the expense and controversy of real fur. Their outerwear is particularly glamorous and this lovely Orelle coat would make an extremely chic winter cover-up. This is a coat you could wear to the office or throw on over an evening ensemble with equal ease making it a must-have for the lady about town.

Similarly, glove brand Cornelia James create ladylike gloves that are, literally, fit for a queen. These are gloves that could keep even the daintiest fingers warm but can also a touch of class to any wintery outfit. These leopard print gloves are practical enough for day to day wear and stylish enough to fit into any elegant wardrobe.


As we’ve seen before on the Lux-Fix blog there seems to be a lot of faux fur around at the moment. Some brands, such as Faux England, produce vintage inspired faux pieces but other brands reinvent and reinterpret faux fur staples for a modern audience. Charlotte Simone is one such brand and Helen Moore is another; both take different approaches to furry accessories but both create pieces that are fun, contemporary and ever so trendy. Inspired by Parisian style Charlotte Simone designs scarves around which a woman can build her entire outfit; this stripy little number has a cool but light hearted feel and would be perfect for injecting a fun into a dour winter look. Helen Moore’s creations are a tad more sophisticated but still trendy and are also beautifully crafted here in the UK. This inky blue pillbox hat is pretty irresistible and could add a touch of modern day glamour any trendy, fashion conscious winter wardrobe.

-Hannah Balsdon

Wet Weather Dressing

With cold, wet winter winds hitting the UK the style conscious woman is faced with a problem; how does one stay stylish in the rain? Fortunately Lux-Fix stocks a variety of stylish and practical outerwear and footwear that is ideal for the wet weather. A well designed waterproof Mac or traditional grungy parka can be your best friend in a shower or storm; whether you’re a smart dresser or a casual fashionista there’s a waterproof coat for you. Similarly by ditching the wellies and investing in a pair good quality boots you will be able to face any puddle in style. In short rain doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to take a hit; with a bit of planning and some wise purchases you can look as chic is wet weather as you do in the sunshine. So, without further ado, here’s a quick roundup of the most stylish wet weather fashion Lux-Fix has to offer.

Let’s start with UK based design collective Protected Species; Protected Species use technically sophisticated but functional outerwear that doesn’t compromise on style. Case in point their fashionable West End Waterproof Mac which combines timeless styling with cutting edge design. This traditional looking Mac is actually made of Fluid Intelligent Fabric making it a modern and practical twist on a classic. This coat may be waterproof but you can style it in much the same way as any Mac or trench; in short this is a raincoat that you could wear office in pride.

The parka is the ultimate practical but stylish coat; a good parka should be robust enough to shelter you from the elements but also have a rock ‘n’ roll inspired cool all of its own. Just about every high street store comes up with a parka each winter but British brand Parka London’s coats are a cut above the rest. Their designs are simple, classic and hardwearing with an undeniably British feel; their pieces are simply designed for the British climate. Their Freja Parka (above) is loose fitting enough to fit over even the chunkiest of knitwear and also has a water resistant finish making it ideal for cold, rainy days

A good pair of boots is a must for winter, wet weather or no and a hardy pair of riding boots can make a great alternative to wellies. The Spanish Boot Company creates classic, practical riding boots inspired by traditional Spanish boots. The brand’s boots are certainly functional and perfect for equestrian enthusiasts but they are also well designed and beautifully crafted making them also fit for day-to-day use. Their Polo Boots for example could be used for riding but they would also work just as well as fashionable city footwear. This combination of style and practicality make The Spanish Boot Company’s boots a very stylish wet weather option indeed.

-Hannah Balsdon

Faux Fur

With Christmas over and 2015 officially under way now we’re getting to the depressing part of winter. The weather’s still cold but, January sales aside, there’s little to look forward to.  Fashion-wise at this time of year many of us find ourselves hiding under layers and layers of knitwear for warmth but it doesn’t have to be like this. It’s still possible to see out the rest of the winter in style thanks this winter’s most comfortable trend; faux fur. Long seen as a cheap imitation of high end real furs seen on the catwalks faux fur is having a renaissance; in fact even some real fur is beginning to look decidedly faux. Faux Fur today doesn’t simply try to ape the real thing instead it’s colourful, contemporary and fun. This isn’t a difficult trend to pull off; with chic faux fur accessories popping up everywhere even the most cautious fashionista could easily incorporate fake fur into their wardrobe. Today we’ve scoured Lux-Fix to bring you the warmest, chicest furry items our site has to offer.

British brand Helen Moore’s colourful and carefully crafted faux fur pieces are contemporary and have a sort of opulent air. Their fuzzy striking clutches are an incredibly easy way to channel the new fur trend. This furry magenta clutch could add a lovely pop of colour to any winter outfit and is quirky enough for year round usage.

If you’re looking for a warm but stylish winter jacket to get you through the remaining cold weather months you could do a lot worse than one of Faux England’s feminine coats and jackets. Unlike Moore’s pieces Faux England’s designs are pretty traditional and have a nostalgic vintage feel. This is a jacket that could be both paired with jeans and a jumper during the day and thrown on over something sparkly at night. As a result this classic jacket is definitely more of an investment than a seasonal, trend motivated buy.

The party season may be over but if you’re heading out during the next couple of months Helen Moore’s stylish Vixen scarf would make an excellent accessory.  Full of old school glamour yet also thoroughly modern this scarf would look utterly ravishing draped over one shoulder. Frankly whatever your night-out style the vixen scarf is guaranteed to take your outfit to the next level.

Ski bunnies and bohemian travellers alike will no doubt be impressed by Hipanema’s faux fur earmuffs. These are definitely winter accessories for the active and the young; whether you’re headed off to the slopes or just refuse to let the cold weather keep you indoors these earmuffs are an ideal alternative to the ubiquitous beanie.

-Hannah Balsdon 

New Year’s Eve Dressing

So, we’ve got one big party left before heading back to work and beginning another year of drudgery. Want your New Year’s Eve to go off with a bang? Looking to say goodbye to 2014 in style? Well with little more than a day to go until we ring in the New Year there’s still just enough time for you to pick up a glamorous new ensemble from Lux-Fix’s range of designers. With that in mind we’ve scoured our site to find the very best party pieces…

Christmas day may be about family (and over eating) but New Year’s Eve is a night for parties and painting the town red. On Christmas you want to be comfortable, for New Year’s you need something sexy and fashionable. Enter Paper London; their sleek, ultra modern silhouettes are ideal for confidant, style conscious party girls. This year slip into their sexy but smart Red Sky Dress for an effortlessly contemporary and slightly edgy look. This is not a dress for the faint of heart but rather a dress designed to bring out your inner diva.

With temperatures reaching record lows if you’re heading out on the 31st you’ll definitely need to wrap up in something warm. ‘Warm’, however, doesn’t necessarily mean ‘ugly’. Keep the cold winter winds at bay in style with Llunaa’s Cream Furry Jacket. This fuzzy jacket is a distinctly trendy take on the fur and shearling jackets of yesteryear and could easily match any up-to-date party outfit from androgynous tailored trousers to sensuous mini dress.

No party outfit would be complete without a killer pair of heels. Shoe brand Fury London make some of the fiercest heels around making their edgy designs a natural choice for an end of year night of debauchery. This NYE try their effortlessly cool and rock ’n’ roll Rex Ankle Boots. These are boots that could add a touch of fierce, hard edged glamour to almost any day or evening ensemble making them a must-have for any confidant young partygoer.

Lastly every girl out on the town needs a place to store her valuables whilst she dances the night away. A clutch may seem like to obvious evening choice but this NYE why not go hands-free with a chic shoulder bag? Spanish leather goods brand Lacambra creates great quality handbags that combine style and functionality. Their small but perfectly formed Mini Chic Bag would make an ideal party bag being just the right size for all life’s essentials.


-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Helen Moore

Faux fur seems to be popping up all over the place at the moment; it comes without many of the ethical issues of real fur and, coming in a variety of colours, can often be more versatile than the real thing. Helen Moore is one brand that saw the potential of faux fur over 30 years ago and has been creating luxurious faux products ever since. This family run British company takes real care of its faux fur products and carefully manufactures all its designs right here in the UK. Helen Moore’s women’s accessories range from the traditionally stylish to the fashionably unique which makes this a faux fur brand for everyone. Want to incorporate a bit of on-trend fur into your winter wardrobe without going over the top? Helen Moore’s chic accessories could be just what you are looking for.

This winter Helen Moore’s stylish faux fur accessories include collars, muffs, scarves and even hats all of which presents the faux fur enthusiast with an array of furry styling options. The pieces come in a variety of colours and finishes meaning that whatever your style this winter Helen Moore have a piece for you. Traditionalists may want to opt for one of the brand’s more realistic looking faux styles whilst those after something a little more hip may find themselves drawn to modern, almost garish colours. This is a collection in which classic imitation ermine or wolf scarves and hats sit next to bright magenta clutches and powder blue collars. Whatever Helen Moore piece you select you are still presented with many a styling opportunity; the brand’s creations could be used to channel a fairytale-like look or give your outerwear a dose of rock ‘n’ roll glamour. With a Helen Moore piece you could play a Russian princess, a Hollywood star or decadent socialite, the choice is yours.

Faux fur is often seen as a rather low rent sartorial choice with such pieces often being viewed as of lesser quality than the ‘real thing’. Yet Helen Moore, with their attention to detail and commitment to British manufacturing, actually create faux pieces that are luxurious and desirable in their own right. When buying a faux fur piece from Helen Moore you are not settling for second best but purchasing a stylish and unique fashion accessory.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Tara Starlet

With its retro aesthetic and feminine designs Tara Starlet is a brand committed to making stylish clothes for confident women. Inspired by the glamour of yesteryear but created for the modern women the label’s clothes are wearable, chic and just a little bit sexy. Tara Starlet was founded by mother-daughter team Joanne and Tara Scott in 2005 and has gone from strength to strength, impressing both vintage bloggers and mainstream fashion publications alike. Based in London’s east end the brand still sources and produces all its garments right here in the UK. Yet for all Tara Starlet’s glamorous style and British roots the brand makes clothes that are not just wearable but also accessible and affordable. In short this is a fashion brand that creates empowering, stylish clothes that every woman can wear with ease.

Tara Starlet’s current collection features sexy glamorous designs that are ideal for the festive party season. Sensuous evening dresses, figure hugging wiggle skirts and smart trousers all present the Christmas party-goer with a myriad of outfit options. Tara Starlet’s designs are definitely vintage inspired and channel all the glamour of a bygone age and yet these are pieces that could also fit into a modern wardrobe. The brand’s retro style is distinctive but it is also refined enough not to be kitsch; these are not clothes for a costume party but garments you could easily wear on the streets today. By cherry-picking the best styles and silhouettes from the past past Tara Starlet ensures that all its pieces really fit and flatter the female form; these are clothes designed to make women look like golden age Hollywood starlets. In essence, Tara Starlet’s stylish but accessible designs are not only ideal for vintage devotees but also for any woman looking to add a little 20th century glamour to her 21st century wardrobe.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Cobra and Bellamy Christmas 2014

Looking for the perfect gift for a special someone this Christmas? A good quality classic watch always looks good under the Christmas tree and Cobra and Bellamy’s retro timepieces are ideal for festive gift giving. The brand’s vintage inspired watches channel all the glamour of the 1930s, 40s and 50s and yet would look perfectly chic on modern day wrists. Cobra and Bellamy have been creating stylish watches for both men and women for over 30 years and specialise in making beautiful and affordable timepieces. These are retro watches that could charm even the most tech obsessed analogue detractor. Packed full of nostalgia Cobra and Bellamy’s watches would suit both vintage lovers and those in search something a little different.

Cobra and Bellamy’s watches have a classic but accessible aesthetic; these are not overly opulent pieces crammed with jewels and expensive features but stylish simple watches for everyday wear. The brand’s watches are brimming with old-world charm with unique, quirky retro faces and timeless leather straps. Cobra and Bellamy’s women’s watches in particular possess a maturity, elegance rarely found in contemporary designs. Today watches have become as much accessories as timepieces and Cobra and Bellamy’s designs could really finish off an outfit. With their classic style these are timepieces that will last for years to come and even become favourite accessories. Cobra and Bellamy’s timepieces may not be as flashy or luxurious as many of the watches around today but they do have an elegant, understated chic all of their own.

Watches are a pretty traditional gift and may even seem like a bit of a boring choice at times but Cobra and Bellamy’s unique designs are a new, paradoxically vintage, twist on an oft given present. These are watches that combine style and elegance with accessibility and durability making them ideal Christmas gifts. These are, in short, good quality watches that would be appreciated by almost anyone.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Air and Grace

Beautiful shoes can make a woman feel great, at least mentally, physically shoes can really hurt. Shoe designer Claire Burrows decided to create stylish contemporary shoes for women to wear all day long with impunity and so she launched her own brand Air and Grace. Each pair of the brand’s shoes feature soles made of cleverly hidden layers of memory foam which makes the shoes comfortable and wearable. This unique system also ensures that Air and Grace can focus on the aesthetics of their shoes without compromising on comfort. These shoes are miles away from the ugly, comfortable footwear often presented as an alternative to more mainstream designs. In short Air and Grace’s creations have all the style and desirability of fashionable footwear but come without the same aches and pains.

This season Air and Grace’s collection is made up of functional but stylish shoes ideal for a cold busy winter. On trend styles such as loafers and ankle boots ensure that these are shoes that would easily compliment a contemporary wardrobe. There is not a high heel or stiletto in sight making this a collection for running errands rather than attending parties. These are shoes created for those with busy lifestyles; women who have to run for the bus rather than those who spend the day in taxis. Yet for all their practicality Air and Grace’s shoes are also very attractive with the brand sticking to classic, fuss free but up to date designs. Classic shapes and styles give the shoes durability whilst trendy flourishes such as chunky buckles, leopard print and metallic finishes give the shoes an edgy contemporary feel.

Many women like to fantasise about their dream pair of heels but in the real world we all need shoes that can put up with rigours of daily life and do so in style. Air and Grace provide just such footwear; their pieces may not but glamorous but they are, nevertheless, very appealing.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Cocorose’s AW14 Collection

Heels vs Flats; where do you stand? Heels are undoubtedly the more glamorous shoe option but flats are comfortable, practical and can be just as stylish as a pair of stilettos. From slippers to brogues flats are definitely ‘in’ at the moment but can the humble flat imbue a party outfit with the same appeal as a pair of high heels? London born brand Cocorose certainly think so; their luxurious, innovative, ballet pump inspired flats are the perfect combination of form and function making them ideal for the festive season. Cocorose’s signature pumps can be folded and easily stored away in handbags or draws until they are needed. This novel design gives the wearer the freedom to wear their comfy flats wherever and whenever they like. Cocorose’s shoes are stylish enough to fit any dressy outfit and yet their unique design gives them far more practicality than a regular party shoe.

This season Cocorose have used metallic finishes, embellishment and brogue-like detailing to create a collection that is both on trend and ideal for parties and nights out. The brand’s pumps and slippers manage to combine luxury and practicality with is something that few shoes do; these are shoes that look designer but yet are also fit for everyday wear.  In essence Cocorose’s flats are the perfect emergency shoes; these are pumps one can hid away for special occasions or sudden style dilemmas. Received a surprise party invitation? Broken a heel minutes before going out? Then Cocorose’s designs could be your style saviour.

Flats are functional enough as it is but Cocorose’s foldable designs add an extra layer of practicality making them the shoe of choice for busy but style conscious shoe lover. Cocorose’s shoes are certainly attractive enough to wear to a party but they are also sensible enough to wear again and again.

-Hannah Balsdon

Spotlight on Llunaa

New, London based brand Llunaa is committed to creating good quality contemporary womenswear. Their feminine and fashionable designs are wearable and elegant but also vibrant and modern; these are clothes that allow women to express their own personality and taste. Llunaa pieces are more sophisticated that what you generally find on the high street yet they also come with a refreshingly affordable price tag. This is fashion that could fit quite easily into a stylish, contemporary wardrobe and stay there for quite a while. This is not clothing that will go out of fashion in a couple of months but that will stay current for seasons to come. In essence Llunaa’s is a brand that tries its very best to provide women with clothing that meets all their needs and fulfils all their desires.

Llunaa’s current collection features chic knitwear and ultra feminine day and eveningwear. The label’s aesthetic is distinctly modern with peplum tops, embellishment and scallop edges all making an appearance. Llunaa’s pieces also have a youthful, almost naive, feel in places; elegant the brand’s designs may be but they also have a sweetness and vitality all of their own.  All of this gives label’s clothes a versatility that makes them ideal for modern life; a Llunaa sweater could dress up a pair of jeans or winter proof a girly skirt. Of course the label’s pretty, feminine style also makes their clothes a perfect fit for the party season. Whether you are after a casual ensemble or a more glamorous outfit Llunaa will get you through the stressful festive period in style.

Llunaa is certainly one brand that puts customer first; all their pieces are designed with the youthful but discerning modern woman in mind. In short if you have been searching for clothing that is of good quality, fashionable and affordable then Llunaa is the brand for you.

-Hannah Balsdon